Four signs will face failures and disappointments in May: who is on the list

Four signs will face setbacks and disappointments in May. Source: Created with the help of AI

None of us is immune to setbacks and bad days. There are times in everyone's life when things don't go as planned.

According to astrologers, May 2024 will be a difficult month for some zodiac signs. They will face failures, disappointments, and other troubles.


Gemini will face setbacks in May because you prefer to relax and neglect your main job. In addition, you will face difficulties when cooperating with colleagues. You may even need mediation from your superiors to resolve problems.

If you're single, you're likely to suffer from unrequited love, and if you're in a couple, you won't be able to avoid disagreements and misunderstandings with your partner.


Libra will find it difficult to communicate with parents and other family members during May. This will provoke misunderstandings.

In romantic relationships, you should show understanding and recognize that everyone makes mistakes. This is the only way to keep your love alive.

Libra emotions can unexpectedly affect your studies and work. You may not always be satisfied with the results you get, but you will overcome all obstacles thanks to your intelligence and ingenuity.


Aquarians should step out of their comfort zone and finally try to make their dreams come true.

Things are not going well in your romantic life, as you may have been hurt recently and now find it difficult to recognize and express your feelings.

At work in May, it will be difficult for you to be on top of your game, as your colleagues and competitors are more experienced than you. You must remain patient and calm, soberly assess the situation and not hide your advantages.


Pisces will be out of luck in May. Adversity will follow you in all areas of life, making you feel depressed and tired. At work, it will be difficult to maintain your status due to the emergence of new colleagues. You need to work harder to protect your achievements.

If you are single, the dates and meetings that you agree to in order not to disappoint society will not bring you pleasure or benefit. And if you are in a relationship, you may face emotional suffering as a result of the appearance of an ex-lover.

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