Everything will fall apart: an astrological event in April will wreak havoc on all zodiac signs

We may be facing a crash that will spur further growth instead. Source: Created with the help of AI

The first week of April this year was marked by Mercury retrograde and an eclipse corridor. And even though this corridor was closed by the eclipse of the Sun on April 8, astrologers warn that the greatest chaos is ahead.

The reason for this is the meeting of Uranus, the lord of change and revolutionary transformations, with Jupiter, responsible for expansion and growth, in the sign of Taurus. This will happen on April 20. Astrologers told us what this celestial event will lead to.

What does the Jupiter-Uranus alignment mean

The conjunction of these two planets will enhance the qualities of both of them. When the wild planet of sudden change collides with the forces of success, the results are bound to be dramatic. And these will be not only significant breakthroughs but also unexpected collapses.

At the time of the Jupiter-Uranus alignment, revolutionary moods are growing. People want to act decisively and achieve change here and now, rather than wait for it to happen naturally. This often leads to breakthrough discoveries, the birth of outstanding creative ideas, and uprisings, protests, and social revolutions. As this combination now takes place in Taurus, we may also see new beginnings and rapid changes in the areas of finance, agriculture, food production, values, and our relationship to nature.

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct once every 14 years. The last time they met in 2010 in Aries, the Arab Spring, a series of protests in North Africa and the Middle East that led to the overthrow of several dictatorial regimes, took place.

In the constellation of Taurus, this explosive pair last met in May 1941. This period saw the end of the Londonderry Blitz, a series of brutal Nazi bombings of the British capital that lasted almost 9 months, the breaking of the code of the German Enigma encryption machine, which was considered invulnerable, and the birth of a revolutionary in the world of music, Bob Dylan.

What to expect this time

The effect of Jupiter's meeting with Uranus in Taurus will last for several weeks. As Taurus is an earth sign, we are likely to see changes, growth, and excitement in areas related to the Earth itself. Thus, astrologers attribute the recent earthquake in Taiwan to the approach of this cosmic event.

On a personal level, Taurus is associated with our sense of self-worth. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel the impact of the Jupiter-Uranus alignment especially strongly. What exactly will this influence be? Astrologers say that we will experience liberation through total destruction. Something that will seem like a collapse will open up a new field of activity and give us new perspectives. Just keep your head up and your mind open. Yes, changes can be shocking, but they will bring benefits and further development.

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