Don't miss out! Experts have named the perfect time to transplant strawberries

For good yields, strawberries need to be replanted regularly. Source: Created with the help of AI

Strawberries are exactly the kind of berries that are worth having a garden for. With the right approach, its season lasts quite a while, and it yields a large harvest. However, the capricious crop quickly depletes the soil and therefore needs to be transplanted.

OBOZ.UA asked experts for their opinion on when it is time to transplant strawberries. They point to clear signs and advise when the best time comes to transfer the berry to a new place.

When is the right time to transplant strawberries

Pay attention to the yield of the plant. If the berries have noticeably shrunk in size and the harvest has become more modest, it's probably time to move the bed.

A good time for this comes twice a year - in spring and summer. Springtime is more favorable. If you do everything right, the procedure should go well and benefit the strawberries.

When to transplant strawberries in spring

If you move the plant to a new place while it is still too cold and there is a chance of night frosts, it can harm it. In addition, it is better to transplant when the strawberries are in the stage of active growth and are rapidly developing their root system. Thus, a good time for transplanting is mid to late April. It is recommended to carry out the procedure every 3-4 years. During this time, the berry will not have time to deplete the soil completely, but will already need to improve conditions.

How to choose bushes for transplanting

For a strawberry bush to take root well in a new location, you need to choose not only a good site, but also the right plant. If strawberries do not produce young leaves in spring, this is a sign of damage to the root system. Such a plant will not survive transplantation. You also need to pay attention to the condition of the green part. Faded leaves, spots of rot, brown bloom at the base of the bush - these are all signs that the bush will not accept or infect the entire garden with its diseases. It is best to transplant those strawberry bushes that have a healthy appearance and developed aboveground and underground parts.

Preparing the bed for spring strawberry transplanting

To transplant strawberries in the spring, choose a site that is well-lit by the sun. The composition of the soil can be almost any, it is only important to make sure that it is not swampy. Start by removing all the weeds from the garden bed, and then dig it up by adding humus to the soil.

Plant strawberries in rows with a distance of about 35 cm between the bushes. The step between the rows should be 75 cm. If you want to protect the future crop from birds, place a net over the strawberries.

Mulching the soil with straw can protect strawberries from weeds. You can replace it with any other organic material or a special film. But don't forget to leave a little free space around each plant so that the roots have access to air, sunlight, and water.

When to transplant strawberries in summer

If you didn't have time to transplant the berry in the spring, the best time to do it in the summer is from late June to September. The soil should be warm enough for the plant to take root. If you move the strawberries to a new location later, cut off the flowers the following season. Yes, you won't get a harvest after that, but the plant will have more time to take root and gain strength.

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