Cleaning at home like a pro: where to start and how to achieve perfect cleanliness

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You've probably thought more than once while cleaning that it would be nice to give up and hire professionals to clean your house quickly and efficiently. And it's not such a bad idea, really - professional general cleaning can be very effective.

But hiring a team with special equipment every time can be very costly for your budget. Therefore, it is worth learning some life hacks of cleaners and using them yourself. OBOZ.UA has collected a few key ones.

Start with a simple one

Cleaning experts say that it is a good tactic to start with the room that is used the least and move towards the most used. For example, clean the pantry or wardrobe first. This way, you will protect yourself from the fact that the dirt and dust that are raised during cleaning will not settle in the most busy places.

Work from the top down

Wherever you start cleaning, always start with the highest surfaces. If it's a routine cleaning, start with the shelves, and if it's a general cleaning, start with the ceiling. Use a dry brush or cloth to brush off all dirt and dust. Next, take care of the walls and everything on them, and the final touch should be mopping the floor. This will sweep all the dry dirt down and collect it effectively. Moving in the opposite direction will kick up dust, which will settle on the surfaces again and your cleaning will not be effective.

Focus on the bedroom

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so the mess here arises very quickly. Start cleaning the room by removing things that don't belong there - dishes, clothes, and other items. Then wipe the dust off all surfaces and don't forget to clean the decor. When vacuuming and mopping the floor, pay attention to all corners and spaces under the furniture, including under the bed.

Proper natural light is important for a healthy sleep pattern, so wipe windows, mirrors, and other light-reflecting surfaces clean of stains every time - professional cleaners never miss them. Also, be sure to make your bed and change the linens if necessary.

Take care of the bathroom

After the bedroom, it would be logical to move on to the bathroom. Start by putting things in their proper place - send dirty towels to the laundry, take out items that do not belong in the bathroom. Next, use the cleaner on the toilet, sink, counter, shower door, and faucet. While it's working, check the cabinets. We usually hide all the mess there, but behind the beautiful facade, various products can spill or spill out - all of which needs to be wiped and cleaned. Finally, rinse off the cleaner and wipe everything dry to avoid water stains.

Clean up the living room

The living room is an important family area where all family members spend time together. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean. It is important, but not easy. The first step should be to tame the clutter, and the second should be to control dust. But it is equally important to disinfect common areas, such as switches, remotes, and doorknobs. Wipe them down with a damp cloth, then treat them with a disinfectant and let it dry. Finally, wash the floor.

Save the kitchen for last

Since the kitchen is the most heavily trafficked area, it gets dirty on a daily basis and therefore needs to be cleaned daily. Anything beyond the routine cleaning, start by hiding all the appliances that prevent you from cleaning the countertops. Also, put food and dishes away. When you're done cleaning the visible surfaces, take everything out of the cabinets and wipe them down inside. Put everything back and give the countertops and open shelves another quick wipe. Don't forget to clean the dishwasher once every 1-2 months by running it without dishes at the maximum temperature, wash the trash can once a week, and at least once every six months, move all the furniture that is possible and clean the floor under it.

Don't forget about the furniture

Dusting upholstered furniture is no less important than wiping surfaces or carpeting. They may look clean, but they can still accumulate dust. For a stronger effect, buy a special upholstery spray and use it according to the instructions, and then vacuum your chairs and sofas with a vacuum cleaner with a special brush. You'll be surprised how much dirt you'll collect in this way and how much fresher the air in your home will become after cleaning your upholstered furniture.

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