Can make a house look old-fashioned: modern interior ideas that are difficult to implement correctly

Stripes and maximalism of textures that are currently trending can turn a room into an old-fashioned tent. Source: Created with the help of AI

Interior fashion does not change as fast as fashion, but new trends emerge every year. Some of them are very difficult to work with because bringing them to life requires extraordinary skills and taste.

Express asked design experts to identify the worst trends of 2024. They pointed out the ideas that will be the most difficult to implement. They will look bad and make your home look old-fashioned and unattractive.

Expressive stripes

This year, creating interior accents with bright and contrasting stripes is back in fashion. But designers note that this trend should be handled very carefully. While a striped carpet can be an interesting decoration, colored stripes on the walls will turn the room into a circus.

Instead, experts advise paying more attention to another trend of the year – arches. Arches and curves in the interior can visually make the room softer, and remove the sharpness of lines and right angles. You can implement this technique both with an arched doorway and in certain objects, such as mirrors. You can even create the illusion of an arch by painting colored blocks of the appropriate shape on the walls. The trend gives you plenty of room for imagination.

Overload of textures

The trend for maximalism in the interior will continue in 2024. But to achieve a decent result without feeling cluttered, you will have to make a lot of effort. Yes, a combination of several textures can create the feeling of a lived-in and cozy room. But even the slightest excess here makes the interior look cluttered and old-fashioned.

To fit into the trend, pay attention to metallic colors and surfaces. Introducing a few of these elements will help you create a trendy maximalist interior without frills.

Strict symmetry

Symmetry in the interior is a good and quite effective technique. But if you make everything too symmetrical, the room will look very formal and impersonal.

To master this trend, you can take inspiration from the fashion of the 1970s. Instead of using too many neat, precise lines, decorate the room with curved and natural silhouettes, and add variety with different textures and shapes. In this case, fashionable symmetry will come to life and work.

Obsession with social media

Getting inspiration for your interior design from social media is a very effective technique. But everything needs to be in moderation. The decor that instantly fills Instagram and TikTok is going out of fashion just as quickly. So quickly that from the moment you buy a trendy wallpaper to the moment you stick it up, it can already become an anti-trend on social media.

If you want to fit in with these trends, don't buy something expensive, bulky, and hard to replace – furniture, curtains, or the same wallpaper. Choose pillows, bedspreads, or small decorative elements to showcase trendy patterns. And design the rest of the interior to serve as a backdrop for such accents.

Brown colors

The color palette of 2024 tends to be neutral shades of clay, sand, and wood. However, these colors can be difficult to implement in the interior.

If you still want a cozy brown, dilute it with something lighter. Choose furniture and textiles that are harmonious to it, but light and airy shades.

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