Breakthrough or collapse: tarot horoscope for the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at the end of April 2024

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus will be a cosmic blessing for many signs. Source: Created with the help of AI

If you've noticed how things have accelerated lately, it may be due to the combination of Uranus and Jupiter, who met in the constellation of Taurus in mid-March and will stay there together until mid-May. Their closeness will peak on April 20. This event happens once every 14 years and brings unexpected good luck and breakthroughs.

Astrologers have found out what this combination promises to all zodiac signs, using the power of tarot cards. Read on to find out what it will bring to you.

Aries: The Emperor in an inverted position

You are extremely close to a radical turn of events. And this turn will be in a positive direction. However, the inverted position of this card indicates that you are not taking full responsibility for the outcome you seek. Luck is on your side, especially when it comes to achieving financial freedom, but money and wealth may have a harder time finding you without proper order and structure.

Taurus: Queen of Swords

Your card hints that the whole of 2024 could be a memorable year for you. Although many changes have taken place (and continue to take place) in your life, try to avoid making decisions based solely on emotions. Constructive criticism and logic are vital for you to become the queen or king of your life. You are capable of giving birth to an idea that can lead to great success right now.

Gemini: The Four of Pentacles in reversed position

Abundance comes in many forms, and you may experience it in intangible ways. Instead of chasing after wealth, money, or possessions at this time, try to be generous with what you already have. Do not attach yourself to things, and the universe will give you something that will truly stay with you forever. This is true spiritual wisdom.

Cancer: Justice in an upside-down position

You are in the sights of karma. During this rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, you may find that someone has not been sincere with you. This is especially true for people in your social or work circle. You will have to accept this and rely on the universe to free you from this connection. Once everything falls into place, you will feel that justice has been done.

Leo: Nine of Pentacles in reversed position

Pay attention to your finances. If you've been spending money recklessly, this card asks you to make more informed choices about your resources to avoid serious losses. Instead of taking financial risks, be moderate and save every week. Even if you only have a small amount to save.

Virgo: Page of the Pentacles

Your hard work will soon be rewarded. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, and he will be especially favorable to your sign. Your future may well include an unpredictable success, expressed in the form of a bonus, salary increase, or even a significant return on past investments. Or a brilliant idea may suddenly come to you when you least expect it.

Libra: The Page of Swords in an inverted position

Look for grounding. Your card says that it's time to leave your barren thoughts behind and pay attention to your body. If you've been thinking too much or over-analyzing a person or situation, you could fall prey to your impulses and act rashly, guided by false information or even just gossip. Try to spend more time alone now to hear yourself better and avoid deceptive vibrations.

Scorpio: Page of Cups

Your strategy for achieving a big breakthrough is to combine your intellect and emotions. Your intuition leads you to an idea, but it also encourages you to better study and explore what the current moment brings you. Formulate all the questions that are bothering you and explore what life is giving you right now. Dig deeper. After all, this is your superpower that can take you to new heights.

Sagittarius: Empress in an inverted position

Mighty Jupiter is your planet, and its meeting with Uranus can be a very instructive moment for you. A groundbreaking new beginning awaits you, but to take full advantage of this opportunity, you must first reconnect with a sincere and deep sense of gratitude for what you already have. Look around you and notice the beauty that surrounds you, and then watch yourself attract it even more.

Capricorn: Sun

Dare to shine as if the whole universe belongs to you. Abundance and success are the result of your great efforts. Share your light and set a personal example – bring magic into other people's lives. You are a true leader, and the way you inspire others leads to breakthrough moments and brilliant ideas. So, you deserve to claim your place in the spotlight.

Aquarius: The Five of Swords

What's more important to you, mutual progress or victory? This card warns you that if you're involved in a competition, the nervous energy of the Jupiter-Uranus connection could play against you. Alternatively, you may be looking for a solution to a mysterious question or situation. The answer you seek is to reach deep states through meditation. There you will see something that will show you the way.

Pisces: Five of Wands

You are a lover, not a fighter. But this card encourages you to engage in healthy competition and/or dialog. Collaborating and exchanging ideas with those who think differently is sure to ignite your inner fire and perhaps even lead to unexpected expansion. New places, people, and ideas are your gateway to insight and a whole new level.

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