Big success or rest: horoscope for the week of April 21 for all zodiac signs

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Some people will be very lucky. Source: Photo created by AI

Taurus and Gemini will be able to achieve the success they've only dreamed of. Virgos will be able to take a break and relax.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olha Solomka exclusively for AstroOBOZ has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for the week of April 21. Find out what awaits you.


This week is like the finale of a reality show for you. You finally resolve all those complicated issues that have been reminding you of themselves every time you tried to relax. And now you feel relieved, as if you've won the ultimate prize - peace and relaxation.


This week you are laying the foundation for success, planting your big nursery, maybe it won't grow right away, but when it does, you will have a real garden of achievements. So take your time, and don't forget to water your plans with attention and feed them with money.


It's time to take the stage and show off your best tricks. Don't hide your talents under a cloak, but give it your all so that everyone knows that Gemini is more than just a zodiac sign, that you are a real treasure.


You will now find that you have more fans than the average pop star. This army of supporters could be the foundation for your next big project. It's time to assemble a team and start a revolution... or at least a community on social media.


This week you will discover new places that will make your ideas not only come to life, but also be realized. And who knows, maybe new acquaintances will turn into new projects or at least new Instagram posts.


This week is like a long weekend for you. You can finally relax without feeling the burden of responsibility. This is a time when you can pursue your hobbies without worrying about other people's problems. You may even have time to sort your socks by color.


You're at a crossroads right now. Should you continue on the tried and true path or take a leap into the unknown? You might decide to try something new, like juggling or meditation classes on the go. If you don't like it, you can always go back to your old habits.


You may feel like a rebel. You're tired of your routine and ready to challenge the system. No amount of caution will stop you from making revolutionary changes. It's time to get out of your comfort zone and... at least find new routes to work.


This week is like a creative marathon for you. You will meet positive people who can become your partners in your new project. This is just the beginning of your new creative era, so keep your pencils sharp.


There will be a lot of love, light, and goodness, even if you have to deal with a few troubles. In general, your mood will be upbeat and you'll be able to handle all challenges like a real superhero.


It's time for some quiet reflection. It's perfect for leisurely walks and heart-to-heart conversations that may seem like nothing, but in fact they are exactly what the doctor ordered for your soul. You might even take a vacation.


This week is a time for rest and travel. You can spend it visiting, on the road. This is a great opportunity for you to renew your impressions and meditate on the theme of spring landscapes, even if it's just a view from your window.

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