An easy way to get rid of dandelions on the lawn: no chemicals needed

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How to get rid of dandelions on the lawn. Source: Created with the help of AI

Dandelions are bright flowers that create an ideal landscape in meadows, but they can cause a lot of problems in the garden. Dandelions are quite unpleasant to deal with because they always come back, no matter how many times you remove them from your lawn.

Experts say that there is a simple garden life hack that will help you get rid of dandelions without using chemicals. The details were reported by the Express.

Dandelions are attractive and useful medicinal plants, but if left unattended, they can absorb nutrients from neighboring plants in the garden.

These annoying yellow flowers grow incredibly fast. They have strong and deep roots, so they grow back quickly even if you cut them off.

Genevieve Schmidt, a landscape designer and founder of North Coast Gardening, said that getting rid of dandelions without damaging the lawn is not an easy task, and it can be done using the "injection" method.

An injection of organic weed killer based on vinegar will come in handy. Vinegar is one of the most effective natural ways to remove weeds, but it is often not recommended by gardeners because it can damage neighboring plants. When using vinegar on lawns, there is a fairly high risk of damaging the grass.

"If you spray a non-selective herbicide on dandelions, you will end up with a dead section of lawn," Schmidt said.

You can try to remove the long taproot by hand with a soil knife, but it often takes several attempts, and if you leave some of it behind, a new dandelion will soon grow.

Instead, the expert recommends injecting the vinegar solution directly with a small syringe, which will prevent damage to the grass.

"This whole manual injection thing may not sound very appealing, but I think 20 seconds per weed is worth it to remove dandelions from the garden forever," Schmidt emphasized.

You need to inject the vinegar solution deep into the head of the dandelion, aiming for the center point where the leaves emerge.

After two weeks, the dandelion's roots will dehydrate and begin to die, making it easy to pick and throw away the plant. This injection method can be used regardless of the weather or season.

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