A very difficult period, everything will fall out of hand: Mercury retrograde will hit four signs

Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra will face great difficulties, but will be able to grow from them. Source: Created with the help of AI

The period of Mercury retrograde is considered one of the most difficult in astrology. It destroys plans and brings a noticeable decline in productivity in all areas of life. Given that Mercury's current retrograde is taking place in fiery Aries, this period will be even more difficult than usual.

Astrologers have calculated that for four zodiac signs, it will turn into a continuous struggle with circumstances. Find out if your sign is on the list and what you need to do to make these difficult days easier for yourself.


You are standing in the heart of a cosmic vortex. Mercury retrograde begins in your realm, at the very core of your being. This period may be marked by a series of setbacks and confusing events. Your perception of yourself will be called into question. Therefore, it is very important not to get lost in the maze of introspection. Do not confuse yourself even more.

Instead, embrace the flow of your intuition and dare to explore your multifaceted personality. Give yourself the luxury of patience and introspective growth. This retrograde phase is inextricably linked to the eclipse corridor, which pushes you to make dramatic changes to shape your future. On April 8, an eclipse of the Sun will occur in your sign, symbolizing the merging of past problems and future opportunities.

It's a time to make decisions that will lead to significant transformation, as well as to separate everything in your life into what should stay with you and what should go away. With Mercury retrograde inviting introspection and the eclipse season charting your path forward, let this be a time of healing and self-reflection.


You are now at a crossroads of relationships and aspirations. You're entering a phase of reflection on friendships, social connections, and your cherished dreams. A haze of ambiguity may cloud your sense of belonging, raising questions about your influence and authenticity on social media. Beware of presenting an idealized version of yourself, as the truth will eventually be revealed, potentially shaking the foundations of your relationships.

Mercury retrograde can also lead to delays in achieving your goals, suggesting that you reevaluate your true ambitions and adapt to them. You may reconnect with important truths or people from your past. This will open you up to ideas that you hadn't paid attention to before.

Despite the challenges of your professional and social life, remember that true resilience is born under pressure. Build your new, more resilient, and authentic self.


Your world may seem upside down right now. You're being pulled into a realm of deep emotional commitment and financial difficulty. Analyze your thoughts and true feelings to learn how to face the difficulties and possibly come to terms with the echoes of past commitments and unresolved disputes.

You are encouraged to delve into issues that often remain in the shadows, including the complex interplay of mutual concessions in your relationship. The balance of your and your partner's investment in the relationship may be called into question.

Now is a great time for self-discovery to uncover and reassess the values and motivations that underlie your deepest commitments. Take a stance of maturity, steer your way firmly through the stormy sea of your relationship, and resolve any tensions or commitments with determination.


April will be a harsh period of intense transformation for you with great potential for transformation. You will immerse yourself in simple reflections to consider the dynamics of your closest relationships. Mercury retrograde can shed light on the hidden currents of ego and tension seeping into your interactions, prompting you to reassess past and present connections.

This period forces you to accept the dual nature of relationships – the sacrifices they require and the mutual support they can provide. The changes you must experience have the potential to fundamentally alter the course of your future and become a catalyst for profound personal growth.

The exact impact of these celestial events remains a mystery, but one thing is clear: transformation is inevitable. It will challenge you to redefine your connections and, therefore, your sense of self. Embrace the uncertainty and the potential for renewal, as this month promises to change your very identity.

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