A profitable investment in your wardrobe: 5 outerwear models for spring 2024

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Spectacular looks for spring/fall 2024

To ensure that your spring outerwear will serve you for more than one season, you should pay attention to key details. First, choose classic or pastel colors. For example, pistachio, caramel, milk or chocolate. Secondly, avoid "interesting" decorations on the product: fringe, sequins, rhinestones, spikes, etc. All of them became a thing of the past 10 years ago. And thirdly, buy an item made of quality materials.

And what styles of outerwear should you bet on to perfectly complement both casual and romantic or business style? Find out in the OBOZ.UA article.

1. Maxi coat

In the spring of 2024, long straight-cut coats will be in trend. And this is good news! After all, they visually stretch the silhouette and, unlike fitted ones, fit perfectly into any outfit. Experiment with different materials and textures, such as cashmere, tweed, drape, or boucle.

Maxi coat - spring 2024 trend

2. Leather jackets

Fitted and semi-fitted models have long been outdated. Replace them with a straight or oversized cut that visually makes the wearer look slimmer. This year, biker and motorcycle jackets are in trend, but leather down jackets, blazers, products with a belt or imitation reptile skin are still in play.

Leather jacket fits perfectly into spring looks

3. Bomber jackets

Previously, brands offered exclusively leather bombers. Now the range is much wider: made of eco-fur, boucle, raincoat, nylon, thick cotton, etc. Any of these models will look organically with rough boots or chelsea boots.

The bomber jacket is the perfect solution for spring 2024

4. Trench coats

Of course, you can complement your outfit with an "always relevant" sand-colored cotton trench coat. However, this way you will "merge" with a lot of other fashionistas. It is better to pay attention to other colors and textures. It can be a pistachio-colored leather raincoat or a denim one in mocha, chocolate or dirty blue.

A leather trench coat always looks impressive

5. Coat jackets

We are talking about insulated jackets made of tweed, wool or any other coat fabric. Thanks to their optimal length and straight cut, they do not hinder your movements as much as maxi models do. And the variety of prints allows you to style monochrome clothes in an interesting way.

A tweed jacket keeps you warm on cool spring days

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