Your eyes will be open and your face will be toned: how to apply eyeliner correctly

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The eye makeup that worked well before the age of 40 should be modified to keep it working for you. Source: Created with the help of AI

After the age of 40, the usual eye makeup starts to feel heavy. Instead of enhancing your appearance, it can make you look more tired and faded.

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Lauren Hale is sure that it's all due to improper eyeliner application. She demonstrated how to use eyeliner in her TikTok, where she shares makeup tips for those over 40.

According to Lauren, the proposed method of eyeliner helps to avoid the impression of droopy eyes and visually tighten the face. All you need to do is slightly change the place where the line is applied to the eyelid.

To make it more convincing, the blogger demonstrated two methods of eye makeup – the old one, which can be done up to 40 years old, and the updated one, which is better suited for mature skin. In the "old" method, she applied a pencil line right on the eyelid above the eyelashes. "Emphasizing mature eyes canSubskrybuj kanały OBOZ.UA na Telegramie i Viberze, aby być na bieżąco z najnowszymi wydarzeniami. make them look heavy, droopy, and show texture," she explained.

Lauren then moved on to the other eye. She lifted the upper eyelid with her fingers and applied the pencil on the inside of it, under the lashes. This technique gives the lash line clarity and helps them look thicker.

At the same time, the makeup artist emphasized: if you have sensitive eyes, do not draw directly on the water line. In this case, draw the gaps between the hairs. And, of course, choose a pencil with a hypoallergenic formula.

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