Work for one hundred percent: makeup secrets that every woman should know

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These makeup techniques work on natural, elegant and creative looks. Source: Created with the help of AI

No matter what style of makeup you like best, there are techniques that always work. These are the golden rules that every professional makeup artist knows and that help create both classic and creative looks.

OBOZ.UA took an interest in these life hacks. Here are ten secrets that will definitely come in handy. They will be especially effective for women aged 50+, as they will emphasize their natural beauty.

Start with cleansing

Any makeup routine starts with cleansing the skin. It should be smooth, and exfoliation, washing, and moisturizing will help. Choose products according to your skin type and don't forget about a light massage, which will improve skin tone. And most importantly, start your makeup routine with washing your face.

Paint your eyes first

Imagine putting on your face, then moving on to eye makeup, and then spending another 10 minutes cleaning up crumbled eyeshadow and smudged eyeliner. Sound familiar? That's why you should start with your eyes and not finish with them. This way, stains won't stain your foundation, blush, or concealer. And don't forget to apply eye primer before moving on to decorative products.

A long-lasting pencil will make your eyes look more expressive

Gel textures of eye pencils are usually more pigmented, smudge less, and create a clearer contour. To use such a pencil, place your elbow on the table to steady your hand. Look in the mirror, lift your chin, and draw a line along the base of your upper eyelid with light back and forth movements. Start at the outer corner of the eye and move towards the tear duct, gradually narrowing the line by three quarters. Stay as close to the base of the lashes as possible to carefully fill in the gaps. It is the density of the pigment application, not the thickness of the line, that creates definition.

The curve of the lashes is more important than their color

Your lashes will look stunning if they are well curved, and the dramatic black color of the mascara alone will not give this effect. Therefore, get yourself a high-quality tool that will not squeeze or break the hairs. To use it, place the open tweezers close to the base of the lashes, slowly close them and hold them for 30 seconds. Then apply the mascara you prefer - deep black, bright blue, gray, or brown. Slowly sweep the brush from root to tip in a zigzag motion to apply the product more evenly.

Use neutral eyeshadow to emphasize the eyes

Natural shades - warm tones for dark eyes and cool tones for light eyes - will never let you down in makeup. Always keep in mind that pale shimmery shadows can create the illusion of a tired look. A dark matte accent in the crease, on the other hand, will make the overhanging part of the eyelid less noticeable and the look more open.

Take care of your eyebrows

Well-designed eyebrows are the frame on which the rest of the makeup rests. Try to keep the shape natural, but make them full and expressive. Use a sharp pencil to draw strokes to fill in the missing hairs. Then fill in the empty areas with powder if necessary. Use a spoolie brush to blend. Finally, fix the hairs with gel.

Choose radiance and brightness over coverage density

Very dense makeup looks heavy and unnatural, but for a really good look, you need radiance and naturalness. Therefore, choose translucent and lightweight foundations that do not turn your face into a solid mask. Choose a product color that is slightly warmer and golden than your natural skin tone, so you will have a more radiant look. Invest more money and effort in your skincare routine. Healthy skin doesn't need careful correction, so pay maximum attention to its condition.

Use makeup brushes

Even young skin has fine lines and wrinkles, which only get worse with age. To "erase" them, use makeup brushes to apply makeup. They will prevent products from settling in the depressions and create a smoother finish. Start in the center of the face and blend the foundation outward with the brush, gradually stretching it toward the jaw and hairline to achieve an even application. For concealer, use a smaller tool to ensure more precise application of the product to problem areas.

Place the blush high on the cheekbones

Blush gives the face a healthy look. It also draws attention to the eyes and distracts from any imperfections. Choose the color of the product that you like and emphasizes your skin tone. But place it as high as possible. If in your youth, applying blush to the apples of your cheeks still looks advantageous, then over time it is better to move this accent to the top of the zygomatic bone - this will visually tighten the face. And, of course, give up powder blush, cream blush will work better.

Don't forget about the lip outline

Lipstick often leaks into the lines around the mouth. If there are no problems with nude products, then if a bright color spreads like this, it will be a disaster. Therefore, never forget to contour your lips with a pencil. Choose a lipstick that matches your lipstick or always use a pencil that matches your skin tone. The main thing is that this line should always be in place. It will prevent the lipstick from spreading and provide greater durability.

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