What tricks are used to sell cosmetics: how not to fall for it

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Buying cosmetics is always an act of self-care, which is why shopping for cosmetics makes us feel so good. But at the same time, we run the risk of getting carried away and buying a product that is not only unnecessary but sometimes even dangerous for the skin.

Makeup experts know what marketing tricks make us spend too much in cosmetic stores. OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of the main marketing tricks and recommendations on how to get around them.

"Organic" and "natural" labels

There is an opinion that everything natural is healthier than chemicals, and organic means something natural in a square. In fact, it is not so much the origin that matters as the quality of the substance in cosmetics. In addition, natural extracts and components are often allergenic. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the specific composition. The product should contain substances that are useful for your skin and solve the problems you need to solve. Any additional labels on the cosmetics are most likely a marketing ploy to get you to buy another jar.

Division into age categories

The aging process in each organism is different. They are also influenced by individual health characteristics, habits, lifestyle, etc. That's why the labels "30+," "40+," "50+," and so on on cosmetics are quite meaningless. You can't imagine a situation where on your next birthday you just pack up and throw away all your cosmetics because you've outgrown them. So, again, focus not on such labeling, but on the composition of the products. Choose those that contain the ingredients you need.

For all skin types

Only one substance is definitely suitable for all skin types – water for drinking and washing. Other ingredients should be selected individually. Remember that there are no absolutely universal products. Even baby cream can cause an undesirable reaction. Before buying cosmetics, always think about what your goals are (moisturizing, sun protection, wrinkle control, pigmentation lightening, etc.). Choose products that solve these problems. However, if a product claimed to be universal suits you, don't be in a hurry to abandon it in favor of something more specialized. Focus not on advertising promises, but on the real result.

Advice from a celebrity

Using famous people to advertise certain products is a very old and always-working trick. But when you look at a poster, always keep in mind that the celebrity depicted on it does not know exactly what skin or hair problems you are experiencing. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to a face in an advertisement. However, the next step should always be a deeper study of the proposed product. That way, you won't make a mistake.

Two for the price of one

Who among us doesn't like discounts, promotions, and bargains? Moreover, their use is one of the important rules of financial literacy. However, you shouldn't sweep off the shelves everything that has a "two-for-one" sign or a tempting price tag. Always pay attention to how long the product can be stored – whether you will have time to use two packages before the expiration date. And don't buy something you don't really need just because it's on sale or on special offer.

Fashion for some products

Remember, some time ago, there was a widespread trend for using micellar water or hydrophilic oils. Everyone was buying these cleansers because advertisements and bloggers were convincing them of the miraculous effects of the products. In fact, it turned out that micellar water has a rather limited scope and needs to be rinsed off, and hydrophilic oils can cause pore problems and acne on certain skin types. Therefore, whenever you hear about the appearance of some amazing product, study the issue more deeply before buying it.

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