What trends are back in fashion in 2024: makeup and style secrets

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Some of the favorite techniques of our mothers and grandmothers have become relevant again. Source: Created with the help of AI

Fashion is cyclical, and this is an axiom. That's why we often return with such enthusiasm to various trends, tools, and techniques that we once abandoned. This happened, of course, in 2024.

Fashion and style experts point out that the trends of the 1970s and 1990s have begun to make a comeback. OBOZ.UA has collected several old-school beauty trends that are once again very popular.

Red nails

With all the variety of techniques and color solutions for manicures, the classic red color of nails is rapidly returning to fashion. So, neutral nails with a nude finish have been at their peak for a long time and allowed you to keep the style without challenging. But now, energy and sexuality are in fashion.

Haircut with a cascade

Very smooth or very shaggy hairstyles are being replaced by classic softness and tenderness. Think of the supermodels of the nineties who looked like they hadn't done any styling. Natural strands gently framed their faces and added ease and confidence to their looks. This trend is at its peak again. And this is a cascading haircut.

Powder blush

Cream and liquid textures have completely changed our approach to makeup. These products give the skin a youthful glow, are quick to apply, and easy to blend. Only one product has failed to make friends with this formula – blush. It is in the powder format that they create a lighter and more natural look and help to effectively emphasize the cheekbones. And this is very fashionable and relevant now.

What trends are back in fashion in 2024: makeup and style secrets

Hair coloring at home

Modern dyes no longer harm hair, so you don't need the help of another person to give your hair a flawless color and not dry it out. Moreover, products that not only color the strands but also take deep care of them are gaining popularity. Some of them give a lasting result, and some are temporary. With good paint, you will not make mistakes in coloring that will be difficult to correct later.

Velcro curlers

Many techniques and tools allow you to achieve elastic and voluminous curls. But none of them could ever surpass the effect of classic Velcro curlers. If you learn how to use them, you will make it much easier for yourself to create the desired styling. And all this is just as easy at home.

Matte lipstick

Cosmetics with varying degrees of gloss seemed to take the world by storm in the last two decades. However, a more matte finish is making a comeback. No, we're not talking about the ultra-matte products that were popular in the 2010s, which dried out the lips. Nowadays, the trend is for products with a coating that looks very natural and also provides moisturizing to the skin of the lips. A good matte lipstick adds elegance to the look, and this is very much appreciated now.

Simple skincare routines

Not so long ago, the world was fascinated by multi-step facial care systems. At first, it was really interesting, but then it turned out that such care takes a lot of time. And now, products and procedures that do not require much effort, but at the same time give maximum results, are coming to the fore again. And, last but not least, they save money. Get yourself a good cleanser, a serum that will solve your current problems, and a high-quality moisturizer. The minimum set is ready.

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