What makeup tricks will make you more attractive: instructions

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Just three tricks to make your makeup look more attractive. Source: Created with the help of AI

Attractiveness is a relative thing, but there are still a few features that make our appearance more pleasing to others and attract more attention. These are, of course, expressive eyes and overall freshness of the image, which can be achieved quite easily with the help of makeup.

American makeup artist Jennifer Belle showed three simple tricks on her TikTok to help make any look more attractive. You don't have to radically change your approach to makeup, just make a few simple changes.

Rock star effect

Jennifer called the first technique the "rock star effect". This is an eyeliner technique that musicians often use to look more expressive on stage. Take a dark eyeliner and apply it on the water line of the lower eyelid from corner to corner. Don't be afraid that this will make your eyes look smaller, because the next step will fix it. To add depth and expressiveness to the look, take a bronzer and apply it under the lower lashes with a short-bristled brush, creating a smoky line. Now your look will be impossible not to catch even in a crowd.

Crescent effect

The following technique will help to tighten your face and make it look fresh and radiant. Take the same bronzer and apply it with a fluffy brush to the area around the outer corner of the eye from the temple to the cheekbone, drawing a crescent moon. To add radiance to the face, take a natural highlighter, pick it up on your finger, and draw a line in the middle of the crescent moon. Blend the product well.

Heart effect

The third effect will give an alluring shape to the lips and make the whole look complete. Using a lip pencil in the shade you want, outline the Cupid's arch on the upper lip, drawing a heart-shaped shape. Emphasize the lower lip in the center as well. Next, apply a gloss to make your lips shine. Your spectacular and attractive look is ready.

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