What makeup mistakes add age: avoid them at all costs

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How to prevent your makeup from playing against you as you age. Source: Created with the help of AI

Age-related changes are an absolutely natural process that cannot be stopped, but they should not be rushed either. Meanwhile, some makeup mistakes can visually add extra years.

These mistakes are well known to makeup artists. Moreover, they are not so difficult to avoid if you use the right approach to applying cosmetics. OBOZ.UA has studied the relevant recommendations of professionals.

Too much concealer

Excess concealer, especially in the eye area, looks very bad. This product dries out fast on the skin and begins to peel off and crack during facial movements, only emphasizing the skin texture. Therefore, with age, concealer requires an increasingly careful approach to application. Choose lighter textures of concealer, blend it well, and apply it only in the areas where it is really needed. For example, don't apply it in a triangle under the eye but cover only the tear trough and the outer corner of the eye to highlight the look. You can also cover the hollow under the eye with it to give your face more radiance. But do not apply it too deep.

Baking technique

The baking technique involves applying a thin layer of setting powder to the entire finished makeup, lightly pressing it into the skin with a brush, and letting it dry along with the rest of the products. This will help to create a great look for a photo shoot, but this technique is not suitable for everyday makeup for mature skin.

Baking may look good if you have no wrinkles at all. But it will only emphasize the slightest age-related changes. Therefore, use setting powder with caution, or even better, switch to a suitable spray.


Applying contouring after a certain age only adds extra years. If you notice this nuance, try switching from using a sculptor to a bronzer. Also, change the method of applying it. Apply it on the upper part of the cheeks, not in the hollows under the cheekbones. Also, shade the corners of the forehead and brow bones with bronzer to visually tighten this area.

Too intense eye and eyebrow makeup

With age, the expressiveness of the eyes and eyebrows decreases, so you should also emphasize them with caution to maintain a natural look. This is why microblading may not be suitable for older women. Instead, draw the hairs on your eyebrows with a pencil and fix them with a transparent gel.

Replace black eyeliner with graphite or brown. Black will not only age but will also give a very harsh look and excessive heaviness. Especially in the lower eyelid area. Instead, make sure that the mascara is applied from the very roots of the lashes. Use it not only on the upper but also on the lower eyelid. The color of the product should not be black either.

Cold or pearlescent lipstick

Cold, frosty shades of lipstick, as well as products with a shimmering effect, can add age to the look with age. In addition, a metal product strongly emphasizes the folds on the lips, which can visually age you. If you choose a nude lipstick, make sure it has a warm undertone. And don't forget about a pencil that will keep it from spreading.

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