Trimming and plucking eyebrows at home: experts name the biggest mistakes to avoid

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How to pluck your own eyebrows and what mistakes to avoid. Source: Created with the help of AI

The shape of your eyebrows can significantly affect your facial expression and beauty. That's why eyebrow care is an important part of your daily beauty routine.

Perfectly trimmed eyebrows can make your look fresh and expressive, while poorly plucked ones can ruin even the most harmonious facial features. That's why Joey Healy, Anastasia Soare, and Tonya Crooks shared their best tips for eyebrow care.

Of course, in order to have perfect eyebrows, you should visit a professional brow artist. However, unwanted hairs grow much faster than anyone would like, so it's impossible to achieve the desired result without home care.

Before proceeding to plucking, you need to understand which hairs are unwanted. At first glance, it seems very easy to do, but if you have rather thick and unruly eyebrows, you should first cut off the hairs that are too long.

How to trim your eyebrows for a natural look

Cleanse your skin

Cleansing your skin will help remove product buildup, such as sunscreen and brow gel, which can affect the way the hairs lay on their own.

Choose the right tools

If you trim short hairs with coarse tools, such as regular scissors, you can easily overdo it.

Use special scissors to trim your eyebrows. Also, make sure they are as sharp as possible.


Very often women comb their eyebrows up and cut them at a right angle, but you shouldn't do this. This can lead to the fact that when the hairs return to their normal position, you will see bald spots.

Brush the inside of the eyebrows upward, and the middle and tip toward the temple.

Trim one hair at a time at the right angle

Never make a straight cut. Trim one hair at a time that is too long compared to the rest at the maximum angle. The pointed tip will keep them looking natural.


After that, take tweezers and remove any hairs that are growing outside the desired brow shape.


  • You should trim your eyebrows according to how fast your hair grows. As a rule, women do this on average once a week;
  • Do not use a magnifying mirror when trimming your eyebrows as it can distort your perception, which can make your hairs too short;
  • Each person looks good with their natural eyebrow shape, so try not to change it by plucking.

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