Top 6 makeup tips for women over 40: secrets from professionals

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After 40, you should make a few small changes to your makeup that will better emphasize your natural beauty. Source: Created with the help of AI

As we age, our skin changes and this is normal. Moreover, we can prolong the youthfulness of our face with the right care and small changes in makeup that we make over time.

Thus, makeup artists recommend simple life hacks for women over 40 that will help create a younger and more toned look and emphasize natural beauty. OBOZ.UA tells you more about these life hacks.

Do not neglect skin preparation

Young skin is moisturized by itself, while more mature skin needs support in the form of moisturizer and primer. If you apply foundation to dry, unprepared skin, it will look either too dry, chalky, or too oily.

Begin your makeup routine by washing your face with a mild cleanser and then applying a cream. Ideally, it should have an additional anti-aging effect. Don't forget to take care of the skin around your eyes.

When you do that, please make sure you use a moisturizer that doesn't clash with the type of makeup you're wearing. For example, an oily texture will negate the desired matte finish of the foundation.

Choose the right foundation

It may be obvious, but it is the right shade of foundation that will ensure a natural makeup look. When choosing a foundation, try to give preference to a shade that will make your natural tone a little warmer.

As for the formula of the foundation, the key is to choose one that is not too oily or too dry. Lightweight translucent formulas are the best choice for everyday use. They will also help smooth out uneven texture rather than emphasize it.

Use concealer to hide age spots

As we age, age spots, sun damage, or melasma become more visible. The best way to cover them is with concealer. Use a cream-based concealer that provides full coverage and has the same shade as your foundation to mask imperfections. But only cover the areas that you think need to be corrected. And apply a minimal amount of product. For it to work, putting just a small drop of the product on the corresponding area and blending it well is enough.

Use shimmer with caution

There is no age when you must completely abandon light shimmer in your makeup. But with age, you need to choose the texture of shimmer products, such as eyeshadow, more carefully. So, if you want to add shine to your eyes, choose creamy rather than dry eyeshadows. They will apply more evenly.

Switch to mascara for volume

Over the years, the skin of the upper eyelid loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Voluminous fluffy eyelashes will help to mask this. Therefore, choose a product with the effect of increasing the volume. Apply it in several layers if you like. But make sure that the mascara is of high quality and does not flake off during the day.

Don't skip applying lip liner

The appearance of a fine mesh of wrinkles around the mouth is a natural process. When you wear makeup, it causes the lipstick to flow into these depressions and emphasize this feature. Does this mean that you have to give up bright lip products in your makeup? Not at all. Just buy a pencil of a suitable shade for your favorite lipstick and do not skip the stage of applying it. This eyeliner will reliably protect your lip makeup from spreading.

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