This makeup trick will "hide" gray hair: experts reveal the secret to looking younger

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It's impossible to avoid the appearance of gray hair, no matter how much we want to preserve our beauty and youthfulness for as long as possible. Scientists say that the rate at which hair color changes is largely determined by genes. With age, tiny skin cells that produce melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin and hair, begin to break down, causing hair to become translucent.

You shouldn't be afraid of age-related changes because there are many life hacks that will help you look attractive. Experts told us what makeup trick will "hide" gray hair.

Natural makeup and the most natural shades are currently in trend. Makeup artists say that pastel colors can play effectively against gray hair.

Givenchy makeup artist Claire Mulleady advises to pay attention to shimmering pastel powders and eye shadows.

"A soft pastel eyeliner on the upper or lower lash line will provide the right accents in the makeup and will perfectly harmonize with gray hair," Mulleady said.

Makeup is an area for self-expression, so you can choose the application technique that best suits your look. It can be clear lines or smooth transitions without harsh contours.

To complete the look, apply black mascara to emphasize a fresh, light complexion and add intensity to your eyes.

If you are not sure which color of eyeshadow to choose, pay attention to the shade that suits your skin. For cold tones, ice blue or mint green tones are good, while coral and yellow shadows are best suited for warm skin tones.

Do not forget about blush: light pink shades are best. And instead of matte lipstick, it's better to choose a transparent, delicate gloss that will emphasize the radiance of the lips.

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