This life hack will help you achieve the perfect summer tan: what experts advise you to do

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Tanning manifests itself as a protective reaction of the skin to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. As a result of this process, melanin is deposited in the lower layers of the epidermis. Dermatologists emphasize that a slight tan can be beneficial for the body as sun exposure promotes the production of vitamin D.

Burns and excessive tanning, however, are harmful as they lead to skin cancer. Experts told us how to have a perfect summer tan without harming your body.

Tips for tanning

Vitamin D, which is formed under the influence of the sun, is necessary for bone growth and development. It also has a good effect on the heart and nervous system.

According to research, UV rays penetrate the skin by only 1 mm. With reasonable and safe sun exposure, tanning can kill bacteria, lower cholesterol, and normalize metabolic processes.

In addition, ultraviolet light reduces the body's susceptibility to many harmful elements and substances, such as mercury, lead, benzene, cadmium, and carbon sulfide. Sunlight promotes the production of hormones, such as serotonin, the hormone of joy.

However, regular prolonged sun exposure and skin burns can lead to negative consequences that do not appear immediately. Exposure to UV rays can cause serious illnesses many years later. Tanning is also one of the factors that accelerate aging.

How to get a perfect tan

There's a simple trick that can make your skin less dry and more suitable for a long-lasting tan even though the life hack seems a bit illogical.

The Net-a-Porter experts reminded us of the importance of regular exfoliation (ideally twice a week) to achieve noticeable skin improvements.

Shani Darden, a professional cosmetologist, emphasized that it is important to cleanse the skin of dead cells.

"Dead cells need to be removed so that treatment and moisturizing products can properly penetrate the skin," Darden said.

Chemical exfoliants are ideal because they are more effective but less harsh than scrubs. Exfoliants are products designed to exfoliate dead epidermal cells: for example, acids or enzymes.

To keep your tan until the fall, expert Kimberly Nkosi recommends peeling every two to three days. She assured that regular exfoliation will not reduce the tan but will improve the natural appearance of the skin.

It sounds counterintuitive, but the more often you exfoliate, the better your tan will last. Particular attention should be paid to areas prone to dryness, such as elbows, knees, and ankles.

An alternative option is salt baths.

"When you immerse yourself in water, the salts penetrate the skin and help improve cell metabolism," Nkosi advised.

Instead, a bath with milk has an exfoliating effect and can improve the texture of rough, dry skin.

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