Sweat won't be a problem: how to make long-lasting makeup in the summer heat

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Even high humidity won't ruin your makeup on a hot day. Source: Created with the help of AI

This year's summer was rainy and humid, which, together with the heat, creates not very favorable conditions for makeup. However, a few right techniques will allow you to save the whole look, make it lasting and bright.

OBOZ.UA has collected makeup artists' tips on how to make summer makeup resistant to moisture. It will not spread either due to atmospheric phenomena or sweat.

The main tasks in the summer are to fight excessive oiliness of the skin, protect it from the sun, and ensure the durability of all products used. And here's what you need to do.

Wash your face

The washing stage should not be skipped either in the evening or in the morning. Regular skin cleansing will not only wash away excess sebum, but also protect pores from clogging and the appearance of acne and comedones.

Moisturize your face

With sweat, the skin loses some of its fluid, so it needs to be replenished regularly. Drinking water in the heat is very important - the liquid protects against overheating and allows you to return all the lost moisture to the tissues. But this may not be enough. A light moisturizer with a non-sticky texture will fill the skin with moisture from the outside and help regulate its oiliness throughout the day.

Save money on cosmetics

In summer, it is important not to overuse cosmetics. The thinner and more transparent the layer of foundation or concealer, the better the product will stay on the skin in the heat. But what you shouldn't give up is setting powder. It will make the cosmetics more durable and at the same time eliminate the oily sheen.

Give preference to waterproof formulas

Of course, there is no need to completely switch to waterproof products. However, some products, such as mascara, eyeliner, or lipstick, are better to use with moisture protection. Not only will they not run, but they will also retain their color throughout the day.

Buy anti-oily wipes

No matter how hard you try to protect your face from sweat and oil, shine will still appear from time to time. It's not a good idea to cover it up with powder all the time. By the evening, your face will turn into a mask. It is better to buy a package of special blotting paper. These wipes absorb grease and do not affect makeup.

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