Suitable for all ages: life hacks to make your makeup perfect

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Makeup is not only about beauty, but also about self-confidence. Skillfully selected products and application techniques will help you emphasize your advantages and make your look fresh and attractive.

However, to get the desired result, you should use proven makeup application methods. Tom Pesceau, Global Beauty Director of YSL Beaute, who has done makeup for Princess Diana and Kate Moss, shared his beauty secrets for women of all ages.

Double layer of mascara

Before doing eye makeup, apply one coat of waterproof mascara to your lashes. After you use the shadows and draw arrows, you can apply another coat. This will permanently fix the product on the lashes.

However, if you have thin and weak lashes, you should not apply many coats of mascara, as they may start to fall out during the day.

Vary the way you apply your foundation depending on the situation

If you want natural makeup with a translucent finish, apply foundation to your face with your fingers.

For medium coverage, use a brush, and for a dense tone that covers any skin imperfections, use a sponge.

Massage your face

Massage your face regularly and start every makeup application with it. This will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, relax the skin and prepare it for the application of cosmetics.


Concealer can be used not only for its intended purpose. You can use this product to create light contouring.

A nude palette

Every makeup bag should have a palette of nude eyeshadows. They are universal, so the world's leading makeup artists regularly use them in their work.

Lipstick is a versatile product

If you are not sure that your blush matches your makeup, then feel free to use lipstick instead. This way you will get a harmonious monochrome look.

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