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With these tips, your makeup will last the whole summer day until the evening. Source: Created with the help of AI

Do you also get the impression that in summer, as soon as you put on makeup, it immediately starts to melt and run off? And all your efforts are in vain somewhere in the middle of the day, and by the evening, the image you created so carefully does not survive at all.

Professional makeup artists assure that it is actually possible to ensure makeup durability in the summer. OBOZ.UA has collected the main tips on how to achieve this.

Less is more

The main recommendation for long-lasting summer makeup is to use as few decorative products as possible. The more cosmetics you use, the more likely it is that your product will run.

Also, try to choose products that do not stick to the skin with a film, i.e. do not contain silicones or hyaluronic acid. Also, use sunscreens with chemical filters in moderation.

Save your moisturizer for the evening

Moisturizer can be a great way to prepare your skin for makeup application. But, as we found out, it can create a sticky film on the skin and accelerate the runoff of cosmetics. Therefore, it is better to postpone the main moisturizing in the summer to the evening. Apply oils and fatty creams before bed. And in the morning, choose light textures and formulas without hyaluronic acid.

All attention to the T-zone

The so-called T-zone, or forehead, nose, and chin, is the most oily part of the face. Therefore, it requires special attention in summer. To control sebum production here, be sure to apply powder to the T-zone. And carry the product with you throughout the day to use it whenever you need it.

Don't forget about the eyelids

Eyeshadow is the product with which problems are most noticeable on our face. Therefore, in summer, it is important to prepare your eyelids for their application. For long-lasting eye makeup, makeup artists advise applying primer and setting powder on top of it. This combination will ensure the durability of decorative products and prevent them from rolling off during the day.

Choose a water-based foundation

If your makeup runs off too quickly in the summer, check the composition of your foundation. Stay away from products with a high concentration of oils and opt for a water-based option.

Apply the foundation correctly. Start your makeup routine with your usual skincare routine and then use a translucent loose powder to create a soft, matte foundation for your foundation. Then apply foundation, followed by another layer of powder. A fine product will help control oiliness throughout the day, increase makeup durability and minimize the appearance of pores.

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