One simple rule. The stylist revealed a life hack on how to correct your figure with the help of color

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The stylist gave advice on how to correct the figure with the help of color. Source: freepik.com

The right clothes can emphasize your figure and correct what you would like to hide. And it's not just about the design of the clothes, but also about the color.

Ukrainian stylist Yuliko reveals the secret of how to use colors to correct your figure. She shared a simple life hack on her Instagram page.

According to the stylist, you should choose a light color if you lack volume, and a dark color if you want to hide it. This rule is effective because light colors visually take up more space than dark ones.

"That is, if you have a pear shape (when the bottom has volume and the top is small), you should choose dark colors down, and the top should be light. If you have an inverted triangle shape, use a dark top and a light bottom," the stylist recommends.

Yuliko also draws attention to the fact that it is not always necessary to hide flaws, sometimes they should be emphasized: "If you can't hide it, emphasize it. This idea is very old, and it is still relevant," says the stylist.

For example, Juliko looked at the pear shape, explaining that if you have a voluminous bottom, you should choose a voluminous skirt. As a result, people see the voluminous thing, not the body.

"Our brains can't think about what a person looks like. We just see a voluminous skirt. So it turns out that the skirt is voluminous, but we are not," the stylist emphasizes.

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