Never wear this if you have a big bust: tips from a stylist

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The expert told us how to choose the right clothes for owners of a large bust. Source: Instagram @sydney_sweeney

Ukrainian stylist Alina Khiumeniuk told us how to choose the right clothes if you have large breasts. In particular, the expert gave a vivid example of the style of actress Sidney Sweeney.

Khiumeniuk shared her tips on her TikTok page. She emphasized that clothes should emphasize the charms and not spoil the overall look.

The right underwear

"First and foremost, it should be well-made underwear," says the expert. Pay attention to seamless models that do not show through clothes.

Neckline and unsuccessful styles

Choose V-necks that will help to visually lengthen your height vertically. Humeniuk adds that it is better to avoid ruffles and closed styles with an emphasis on the chest. Also, do not buy things made of textured fabric, because it adds volume where it is not needed.

Shoulder accent and smooth fabric

Instead, pay attention to shaped shoulder pieces. "They gather the top nicely and look neater in general," explains the author of the video. And instead of the previous "taboos," choose a smooth fabric.

The right colors

"If you want to visually reduce the volume of your breasts, place dark or saturated colors there," recommends Khiumeniuk. "Our psychology works like this: when we look at another object, we will first notice white, light, or bright colors. That is, according to this principle, you can place colors in areas that we want to either hide or emphasize."

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