Never do this: what makeup mistakes make your skin look tired

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Improperly done makeup will add extra years and a tired look to the image. Source: Created with the help of AI

The main purpose of makeup is to refresh our image, hide imperfections, emphasize natural beauty, and make our face look younger. However, if done incorrectly, it can lead to exactly the opposite effect.

Professional makeup artists have compiled a whole list of such mistakes. OBOZ.UA has put them together and tells you how to correct the wrong approach and make your makeup more effective.

Improperly selected foundation

The wrong foundation can ruin even the most flawlessly executed makeup. Choose it based not only on your skin color but also on your skin type. If you have wrinkles, avoid thick, full-coverage foundations – they will only emphasize this feature. And buy products with a highlighting effect only if you have dry or normal skin. If you have oily skin, they will only increase the unwanted shine and create the impression of a stale and tired face.

However, the color of the foundation should be chosen correctly. Too light a shade will give the face an unhealthy pale appearance, and too dark will add years. To choose the right color of the product, do not test it on your wrist, as is customary. It is better to apply it on the jawline, so you won't make a mistake.

Inaccurate application of blush

Blush is the product that best refreshes the look and makes the face visually younger. But their inaccurate application, on the contrary, creates the impression of a tired face. First of all, use a beveled brush to apply them – it will help to avoid the appearance of spots. And choose the place of application according to your age. Young women should smile in the mirror before applying blush. The product should be applied in the area that forms the so-called "apples" – the most convex part of the cheek. Mature makeup lovers are advised to shift the emphasis a little higher. To emphasize the face and visually tighten it, they should apply the product to the top of the cheekbone and stretch the blush towards the temple.

Too much concealer

Too thick a layer of concealer creates the impression of a mask on the face. The product can also crack and slide into the smallest wrinkles. Therefore, light concealers with a translucent finish are best for the eye area. You also need to take care of the right color, which should merge with the skin.

Too dark eye makeup

Dark eyeshadow colors are best left for evening outings; in everyday makeup, they will create the impression of a tired look. Replace them with nude tones and smoky effects. Also, avoid over-emphasizing the water line, especially with dark liners. A white or flesh-colored product, on the other hand, will open up the eye and make the look brighter.

Too much mascara

Long and thick eyelashes will perfectly complement any eye makeup. But do not try to create this effect by applying mascara in several thick layers. Because of this, the product will dry quickly and begin to crumble with dark circles under the eyes. For daytime makeup, limit yourself to a maximum of two layers of the product and immediately choose a mascara with the effect you need – separation, lengthening, volume increase, etc.

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