Never do this: five lipstick mistakes that make you look older

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Applying lipstick correctly is not so difficult. Source: Created with the help of AI

Lipstick makes makeup complete as it adds brightness and color. However, mistakes in its appplication can lead to the opposite and not only fail to improve your look but also visually add age to you.

Professional makeup artists talk about five typical mistakes that women most often make when using lipstick. OBOZ.UA tells you how to fix them.

Applying lipstick to dry, chapped lips

Any skin irregularities that arise due to dryness and peeling of the skin of the lips become only more noticeable under a layer of lipstick. Peeling lips with a mild sugar-based scrub or light brushing weekly helps to solve this problem. At the same time, it improves local blood circulation and makes your lips smoother and plumper.

Not using a balm

In addition to exfoliation, the delicate skin of your lips also needs moisturizing. A balm helps to fill and smooth the skin, keeping it soft and supple. For intensive care, apply the balm with oils at night, and use a light care product before applying lipstick. Be sure to remove any excess so that the skin is not slippery and does not smudge the lipstick.

Not using a lip pencil

The older we get, the more important this stage is because a mesh of fine lines appears around the mouth and deepens over time, where lipstick begins to flow. The pencil creates a physical barrier on the skin that prevents the product from penetrating these folds. Choose one that matches your skin tone or pick something that matches the color of your lipstick, but don't skip this step.

Applying lipstick straight from the tube

Lips can change as we age, and using a lipstick brush allows you to apply lipstick with maximum precision. Start by outlining the edge of the lips with the brush, clearly draw the Cupid's arch, and then feel free to fill in the outline.

Using the wrong shade

We think that we should wear the lipstick colors we like, and in general, this is true. But it's still important to coordinate the choice of shade with your skin tone, whether it's cool or warm. Determine it by looking at your wrists. If the veins on them have a greenish color, then your color type is warm, if they are blue-purple, then your color type is cold. Warmer skin is combined with red coral colors and peachy undertones of nude lipsticks. For cold skin, red lipstick with a touch of blue and pink nude are suitable.

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