Making you look older: summer makeup mistakes to avoid

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Professional makeup artists agree that summer makeup can be brighter in color, but should be lighter in texture. Older women need to avoid summer makeup mistakes, as visually it adds years to their appearance.

According to experts, common mistakes emphasize age-related changes and make the overall look older. OBOZ.UA tells you what you should change in your summer look to avoid overloading it and adding extra years to your life.

Don't skip the primer application

Primer prepares the face for applying any product. It helps to smooth out the relief and even moisturize the skin. Apply this wonderful product first, then foundation and concealer – it will help make the base coat less dense and last longer.

Ditch the dark eyeshadow

In summer, you should avoid excessive drama in your look, especially dark shadows. Experiment with more neutral gray-brown or lighter shades on the eyelids to create a light and fresh look. Also, you shouldn't make pronounced dark shadows on the lower eyelids in summer. In bright sunlight, such makeup looks too heavy and makes your eyes look tired.

Blend products well

While in winter, poorly blended transitions between products can go unnoticed, the summer sun leaves no chance for that. In addition, poorly blended products get trapped in wrinkles and creases in the skin. So take a damp sponge, or a high-quality brush, or even use your fingers. The main thing is to create an even coverage without noticeable shade transitions.

Set aside dark eyeliner for the lower water line

Applying black or brown eyeliner to the lower water line can make your eyes appear smaller and emphasize dark circles and age spots around the eyes. Replace dark colors with a nude product. It will help to refresh the look and make it more vigorous and radiant.

Make thinner arrows

As we have already said, summer and drama in makeup are not very compatible. Therefore, try to make thinner arrows. Be especially careful when applying eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye to avoid making it appear smaller. If you want to add more drama, it is better to draw a longer arrow or give it an unusual shape.

Don't skip setting concealer with powder

In summer, the heat can cause concealer to melt and blend into the skin's texture faster. That's why it's important to set it with a thin layer of translucent powder. It will also ensure the durability of the entire makeup.

Use an eyeshadow primer

In summer, it's especially important to match the colors of your eyeshadow correctly. Especially if you decide to create a bright, creative look. The primer will help to reveal all the shades correctly – it will protect the pigment from the influence of the natural skin tone. And at the same time, it will make eye makeup brighter and more durable.

Don't get carried away with eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows will never cease to be the center of attention because they frame the face. But intense, too dark, or too curved eyebrows are not just out of fashion, they attract too much attention in summer. Makeup artists recommend switching to the most natural eyebrow design in the summer season. Fill in the gaps between the hairs with a pencil of your natural shade or a slightly darker one, and fix the hairs with a transparent gel. Do not try to make the arches perfect. Slightly imperfect eyebrows are not only fashionable but also young.

Do not apply blush low

It is blush, like no other product, that can pull the face down and make it look more aged. In the summer, apply this product a little higher than you usually do. Blend the blush up to the hairline and avoid concentrating too close to the nose. Also, make sure that you choose shades that are not too dark, too warm, or too cold for your skin tone. Give preference to natural colors from your range.

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