Makeup for overhanging eyelids: techniques that will "open" your eyes

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Special makeup techniques will help to make your eyes open and expressive. Hanging eyelids can be a congenital or acquired feature. Usually, the eyes "sink" due to age-related changes. However, the right makeup can work wonders, emphasizing your natural beauty and restoring your youthful appearance.

Experts told us what makeup is best for droopy eyelids. Simple life hacks will help to visually enlarge your eyes and hide age-related changes.

Foundation and concealer

Start your makeup with a well-chosen foundation and concealer. Choose products of light consistency that do not create a mask effect and will not slip into small wrinkles. Apply concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes.

Base for eyeshadow

Before applying eyeshadow, create the right foundation to make makeup last longer. A primer will also help create more vibrant colors and improve pigment staying power. Make sure the foundation is well distributed over the entire eyelid.


Makeup artists advise avoiding shiny and shimmery shades that can emphasize droopy eyelids. Instead, choose matte and satin colors. Start with a lighter shade on the moving eyelid, and then gently add a darker tone to the crease of the eyelid to visually lift it.


To visually lift overhanging eyelids, you can use eyeliner. Apply it only from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner, emphasizing the shape of the eye. Avoid overly thick or dark lines that can make your eyes look heavy and tired.


Curled eyelashes open up the eyes and make them more expressive. Use a curling iron to lift your lashes and then apply mascara.

Eyebrow pencil

It is worth taking care of the correct eyebrow shape and filling in the gaps with shadows or a pencil. It is very important that the eyebrows are properly raised to give the eye optical space.


To distract attention from the overhanging eyelids, apply blush to the cheekbones. This will add freshness and radiance to your face.

Regular skin care

Remember to take care of the skin around your eyes regularly. The delicate skin in this area requires special attention. Use moisturizers and serums to maintain firmness and elasticity.

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