Liquid, matte or cream: how to choose the best lipstick

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The number of different types of lipsticks on the market can be confusing, but not with these tips. Source: Created with the help of AI

The modern cosmetics industry offers lipsticks for every taste – matte and glossy, like glass, of any texture and durability. But how do you choose the right one for the makeup you're planning to do today?

Professionals say that there is a clear list of criteria that will help you make the right choice – liquid, matte or cream lipstick is what you need right now. OBOZ.UA looked into the nuances.

Liquid lipstick

Ideal for creating a rich and long-lasting color

Liquid lipsticks are sold in tubes with wand applicators. They help to make application more precise. This formula provides intense pigmentation, and liquid lipsticks are also known for their long-lasting formula. After drying, this type of product has a matte or semi-matte finish. This type of lipstick is best for those who want a bright color that won't require frequent touch-ups.

Matte lipstick

Best for creating classic and sophisticated looks

Matte lipsticks create a velvety finish without any glare. They provide rich color and are ideal for creating a classic, elegant look. This product formula usually provides high durability. However, it is worth keeping in mind that some matte lipsticks can slightly dry out the lips, so you should apply a moisturizing balm under them.

Glossy lipstick

Ideal for creating a young and juicy look

The finish of this lipstick resembles glass – it reflects light and creates a tangible volume, making the lips plump. Moisturizing ingredients are often added to such formulas, which makes them pleasant to apply. But it also slightly reduces their durability. Glossy lipsticks are ideal for creating a fresh and moist look, especially in the warmer months. They are well-suited for those who prefer a more natural and moisturized look.

Cream lipstick

The most versatile option with a moisturizing effect

Cream lipsticks provide an optimal balance between a matte and glossy finish. They have a creamy texture that is easy to apply while providing moisturizing lips and a satin finish. Cream lipsticks are versatile and suitable for everyday use as well as for formal occasions. In addition, they can easily be given any shade, so the choice of colors is huge.

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