Like in a spa: dermatologists explain how to make the perfect facial at home

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Careful and regular skincare is the key to maintaining youthful skin for a long time. You can make your skin smoother, softer, and more radiant with affordable products and simple techniques. Find time at least once a week to do a high-quality multi-step skincare routine.

You don't have to spend money on expensive spa treatments. Experts told us how to do the perfect facial at home

Step 1. Cleanse

The first step should always be to create a "clean palette," says cosmetologist Joanna Vargas. You should take care of double cleansing. First, use an oil-based cleanser or balm to melt away stubborn mascara and remove dead skin cells while maintaining the skin's lipid barrier.

After rinsing thoroughly with warm water, apply a facial cleanser in the form of a foam or cream. Creams are more gentle, so they are technically preferable for those with sensitive skin. Foams usually cleanse pores more thoroughly.

Step 2. Make skin glow

Use exfoliating products. This step helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove excess oil to allow the active ingredients to penetrate and maximize the benefits of the other steps.

"People with oily skin have larger sebaceous glands. The skin is better able to withstand the effects of abrasive particles. If you have dry and sensitive skin, you should choose products with smaller granules," said Gary Goldfaden, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Goldfaden MD.

Dermatologists advise using a mixture of chemical exfoliants, such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA). Do not overdo it at this stage as it can damage the skin's protective lipid barrier.

Step 3. Nourish and moisturize

What is your biggest skin problem? It could be rashes, dryness, dullness, sensitivity, lack of elasticity, or dark spots. Your answer and skin type will determine which mask will be most effective.

The main purpose of face masks is to treat the problem you are experiencing. If your skin is oily and prone to breakouts, a clay-based formula will help absorb excess oil and act as a kind of detox. For dry skin, look for a formula designed to restore hydration: it should contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. To smooth wrinkles, you can use a mask that contains peptides and antioxidants.

Step 4. Clean

"Steaming the face can help moisturize and soften the outer layer of the skin," advised dermatologist Hadley King, MD. It also helps improve circulation and softens dead skin.

You can buy a professional device, but there is a home alternative. Fill a bowl with hot water and hold your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to allow the pores to open up from the steam bath. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to skip this step.

Step 5. Massage

After washing off the mask, apply a product that soothes the skin and restores the barrier, such as a cream with glycerin, niacinamide, ceramides, or squalene.

While applying the cream, massage your face to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Massage the skin in circular motions, starting from the décolleté and moving upward.

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