How to wear makeup to look much younger: life hacks with concealer

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Improperly applied concealer can even ruin a well-done makeup look. Source: Created with the help of AI

Concealer has long been among the top favorite cosmetic products among makeup enthusiasts. It helps to quickly and easily cover skin imperfections, highlight the desired areas and create a flawless look.

Despite the fact that the product can perfectly adapt to your skin tone, it also has some drawbacks. The concealer can apply too thickly, slide into the skin's relief, dry out, and crack. British makeup artist Wayne Goss tells us how to use this product without making mistakes and get the best results from it.

Apply sparingly

To get the most out of your concealer, Goss recommends using a minimal amount of product. For example, you shouldn't apply concealer to the entire space under the eye. For the vast majority of people, the dark area extends from the inner corner to about the middle of the eye. It is this gap that needs to be covered with concealer. Moreover, it is in the outer corner, where all the main wrinkles are concentrated, that the product will clog them and emphasize them even more.

Use a primer

No matter how you use concealer, don't forget to use a primer before applying it. It will create a barrier between the skin and the product. It will also help the concealer to go on more evenly and provide better staying power.

Don't be afraid to apply the product with your finger

Wayne recommends not avoiding the method of applying concealer with your fingers. First, they will help warm the product and distribute it better on the skin. Secondly, your fingers will tell you if you're applying too much product. Just make sure you have enough concealer in the area to brighten it up and blend it well.

Set your makeup with powder

After applying concealer, always apply a translucent powder over it. It will help to fix it and protect it from rolling and cracking during the day.

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