How to wear makeup if you have a second chin: tips that will change your life

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These makeup tricks will help you create a visually defined jawline. Source: Created with the help of AI

What is commonly referred to as a second chin is actually just a skin fold that occurs for various reasons. Sometimes due to weight gain, and sometimes just when we look down, for example, during work video calls. Makeup can visually hide it.

Makeup artists have some effective tips to help make the second chin less pronounced. OBOZ.UA tells you more about them.

Try the triangle trick

Take a contouring product that is two shades darker than your skin. A cream stick is best. Draw a line along your jaw to shade and define the lower jawline. Then, from the edges of the chin, lower two lines into the center of the neck so that they connect and form a triangle. Fill in this triangle with contouring, and then blend everything well and set it with translucent powder.

Or the crease trick

Another effective technique is to draw exactly where the skin gathers in a fold. To do this, press your chin against your neck to create a second chin. Use the contouring stick to draw in all the skin that is gathered in the crease, and then blend the product well in circular motions, bringing it to the edge of the jaw to create a visual angle between them. But don't overdo it with the shade – too dark will be conspicuous and create an unnatural shadow.

Choose cool colors

Regardless of your natural skin tone, you will achieve the best effect if you use a cold-colored contouring product. It is these colors that help to effectively disguise the area that you consider to be your flaw.

Avoid shimmer and highlighter

Although highlighter or shimmering bronzer can create an eye-catching effect in makeup, they also highlight the areas of the face where you apply them. Thus, you should not apply such products to areas that you want to hide. First of all, avoid them in the second chin area.

Emphasize high points

To draw attention away from the lower third of the face, emphasize the nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Highlight them with a highlighter and apply blush to the highest point of the cheekbones. This will visually tighten the entire face.

Highlight the eyes

Evolutionarily, we are programmed to look at the eyes. Once upon a time, this allowed us to see a dangerous predator in the bushes. Now it can help to draw attention away from the second chin. Just put on your favorite spectacular eye makeup and the lower part of your face will not be looked at as closely.

Do not forget about the corners of the jaw

To shade the second chin properly, you need to pay attention to the corners of the jaw and the areas near the ears. This is the only way to create a natural line that won't look drawn but will create a holistic impression of your makeup.

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