How to use matte eyeshadow: the most spectacular ideas

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The nude matte eyeshadow palette is the best tool for creating a flawless look. Source: Created with the help of AI

Matte eyeshadows help to create elegant and natural makeup with smooth color transitions and great depth of shades. But the main problems you may encounter when using them are uneven application and inept blending.

Meanwhile, professional makeup artists say that it is not difficult to master these techniques. OBOZ.UA tells you what secrets will help you apply matte eyeshadow without mistakes and defects.

Use an eye primer

This product will help to perfectly smooth the skin of the mobile eyelid. This way, your eyeshadow will go on evenly. In addition, the primer will securely fix the eye makeup. But apply it sparingly so as not to make the skin too oily.

Start with a nude color

To ensure that all makeup goes on evenly, start by applying a thin layer of the most natural nude shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids. This will form the basis of the look you are planning to create and will also make it easier to blend other shades. It will also even out the skin tone in the eye area.

Highlight the crease

Highlighting the crease with a darker color helps to give your eyes more depth. Therefore, take a slightly darker shade from the nude palette you are using and apply it to the entire crease. Use a fluffy brush and make light movements. Start by applying a thin layer of the product and build up to achieve the desired color intensity.

Add some light

Now that you've highlighted the eyes in the perfect way, pick up a little light eyeshadow on the brush and apply it to the moving eyelid. Pay special attention to the inner corner. At the same time, carefully blend any sharp lines. Life hack from professionals: when working with matte textures, do not hesitate too much. The product should not sit on the skin, otherwise it will be difficult to stretch and blend.

Apply the finishing touches

To complete your eye makeup, apply a little of the same color as on the mobile eyelid under the lower lashes. This will help make your eyes look clearer. And, of course, don't forget about mascara. Without it, eye makeup will look strange.

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