How to tighten your face with blush: tips to transform your makeup

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Properly applied blush is essential in summer. Source: Created with the help of AI

Blush is one of the key products for summer makeup. They help to emphasize the freshness of the complexion inherent in the summer season. However, an incorrectly applied product can overload the look.

Makeup artists have some tips on how to not only refresh your face, but also tighten its oval with blush. OBOZ.UA tells you about the main life hacks.

Don't skip the moisturizing stage

No matter what kind of makeup you do, all experts agree on one thing – you need to apply it to well-moisturized skin. If you have enough time, you can start with a face mask. Don't forget to use a moisturizer before applying foundation, and choose a primer with a moisturizing effect for summer. Apply blush while this preparatory layer is still dry. This will make the product softer and the coverage more natural.

Choose a creamy texture in the right shade

Everyday blush should be no more than two to three shades darker than your natural blush. Otherwise, it will look too heavy and difficult to blend. To create a youthful look on the cheeks, use a slightly darker shade near the nose and a lighter shade closer to the cheekbones, blending them in a gradual transition. And to ensure the lightest, most natural coverage, give preference to creamy products. To set your makeup, cover it with a light veil of translucent powder.

Blend thoroughly

To create a light look with a lifted face, blend blush thoroughly. Take a fluffy brush and spread the product over the skin in circular motions. Do not forget to apply a barely noticeable layer of blush on the back of the nose – this is the area that darkens first from the summer sun, so this makeup will look natural in summer and give the image of youth.

Finally, add shine

A dewy skin shine is what makes the look younger and fresher in general. Add a drop of creamy highlighter with a glowing effect above the blush area or use a glitter elixir over the product. A setting spray can also add the desired effect. Apply it to your face and wait until the product is completely dry.

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