How to tighten your face and make it look fresher: the blush trick

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A light, magical blush creates the effect of radiant skin and can even visually rejuvenate the face. Inspired by the colors of a picturesque sunset, makeup artists have created a blush application technique called "sunset blush".

This technique adds warmth and radiance to the face. From soft pastel pinks to fiery oranges and deep reds, this trend offers a range of shades to suit any skin tone. Makeup artists emphasize that whether you're going for a subtle blush or bold accents, sunset blush will allow you to create stunning looks.

How to apply sunset blush

The sunset blush technique imitates the bright and warm look of a sunset. You should use at least 2-3 different shades of pink, orange, coral, and even purple tones.

Makeup artist Kirin Bhatti noted that the main thing is to mix all shades of blush in a gradient from cheek to temple to create a stunning ombre effect.

What are the benefits of applying blush using the sunset blush technique

This technique was developed to hide facial imperfections. Mixing blush with a liquid highlighter makes your skin look smoother, visually reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and providing a radiant and natural glow.

How to tighten your face and make it look fresher: the blush trick

A combination of different colors, such as orange, pink, peach, and coral, will help to emphasize a natural warm complexion, which will always visually rejuvenate the skin.

Famous makeup artist Deni Parks also recommends using cream blush for more mature skin, as the use of cream products reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Sunset blush has a face-lifting effect. Makeup artists advise applying blush two to three shades upward from the apples of the cheeks to the temples to improve the overall complexion and create a lifting effect.

How to tighten your face and make it look fresher: the blush trick

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Prepare your skin. Cleanse and moisturize your face thoroughly. It is also worth applying a little liquid bronzer to enhance the natural glow of the skin by adding a little warmth.
  2. Apply a coral or orange blush to the high points of your face. All you need is two dots on the top of the cheekbone, right next to the temple. Add two dots of light pink blush next to the orange blush. Place one pink dot under the outer corner of the eye and the other closer to the cheek.
  3. A liquid highlighter, which gives the skin a gorgeous glow, can be placed on top of the blush.
  4. Use a brush to buff the blush, but don't blend it in, a light pressure is enough. Start with light pink dots, blending them towards the orange blush at the temple. The merging of colors will create an incredible effect. And, of course, you can change the shades depending on your skin tone and your personal preferences.

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