How to style your eyebrows for a modern look: expert advice

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What eyebrows are worn in 2024. Source: freepik.com

Eyebrows are an important element that can dramatically change you. If they are properly shaped, they will emphasize your eyes and make your face look more harmonious.

However, if you make a mistake in eyebrow care, you can distort your entire image. That's why Good Housekeeping has shared expert tips on eyebrow care that will help you look modern and attractive.

Fashion for makeup, and eyebrow shapes in particular, is changing constantly and regularly. Once upon a time, threaded eyebrows were considered the standard of beauty, once very thick eyebrows, and once even their complete absence.

How to style your eyebrows for a modern look: expert advice

Famous eyebrow artist Cheryl Riley noted that these fashion trends can put pressure on people to spoil their natural beauty in pursuit of trends.

Fortunately, people have been striving for naturalness and balance lately, so women now only need to take care of their eyebrows, but not to radically change their shape, density, etc.

There is no need to go against nature and create an unrealistic eyebrow shape that will be incredibly difficult to maintain and grow. All you need to do is follow some simple rules of care.

The beginning of the eyebrows

The front part of the eyebrow should be soft and natural. You should not make a clear shape with a pencil or paint and pluck this area too much.

How to style your eyebrows for a modern look: expert advice


Never tweeze your eyebrows to lift the arch. Only remove fuzz and strange hair that has grown faster than the rest or completely sideways, but never change the shape.

Eyebrow pencil

When you color your eyebrows, hold the pencil as if you were coloring something, not writing. Build up slowly and gradually with light movements in the direction of hair growth.

Also remember that your eyebrow pencil should be a shade or two darker than your natural hair color.

Eyebrow gel

If you have thick enough eyebrows, then all you need is a conditioning eyebrow gel that will give them a neat natural shape.

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