How to paint lips like a pro: simple tips

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No look is complete without lipstick. It would seem that applying it is quite simple: a few strokes and you're done. However, to get the most out of the product and make it as long-lasting as possible, there are a few important rules to follow.

Although lipstick may seem like the most classic and easy part of makeup, many different factors can affect the durability and quality of application. Makeup artists told us how to paint lips like a pro.

Tip 1

Try to moisturize and nourish your lips as much as possible, especially if you use matte lipstick formulas that dry out the skin. Before applying lipstick, it's best to moisturize your skin with a nourishing balm.

Tip 2

When choosing a lipstick, pay attention to the needs of your skin. Those with oily skin may prefer a matte or satin base, while those with dry skin will be better suited to gloss or balm formulas.

Tip 3

Use a mild lip scrub before applying lipstick. Scrubs effectively help cleanse the delicate skin of the lips and create the perfect base for further makeup.

Tip 4

An exfoliating lip serum will become an indispensable basis for care. Unlike a scrub, which removes dry or flaky skin, a serum cleanses with AHA acids, working within the skin barrier to make lips appear brighter and fresher.

Tip 5

For intense moisturization and nourishment, apply a moisturizing lip balm or serum before bed and then lock it in with a nighttime lip mask.

How to paint lips like a pro: simple tips

Tip 6

Find your perfect nude. A nude lipstick is any shade that matches your skin or lip color. It's a great option for lightweight everyday makeup.

Tip 7

If you find it difficult to apply lipstick – to create a shape you like or just to stay within the lines – start by lining your lips with a sharp eyeliner. If you want to create a defined accent with a sharp shape, use a pencil to line your lips after applying your lipstick to create a clean, sharp finish. It's also helpful if your lipstick has a fairly soft formula, as this will help prevent smudging.

Tip 8

Keep a lip balm on hand to apply over your lipstick – this is especially true if you use a matte formula that dries out over time and creates unsightly lines and wrinkles on your lips and around the contour. Choose a natural lip balm without gloss so that it doesn't change the appearance of your coverage.

Tip 9

Apply two coats of lipstick to maximize the pigment. Just remember to blot your lips in between to get rid of any excess product. Next, take a soft face brush with a very light mist of translucent powder and just touch your lips. You can even cover your lips with a thin tissue first and then apply the powder on top.

Tip 10

Identify your undertone to match your lipstick shades to your skin tone. Cooler skin tones are those whose veins on the skin are blue, while people with a warm undertone will notice that their veins are more greenish than blue. There is a whole spectrum of shades of red lipstick – from light to dark, slightly pigmented to bright coral or orange. Find the one that suits your hair color and skin type. 

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