How to mask wrinkles under the eyes: useful tips

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Thin skin around the eyes requires careful attention. Source: Created with the help of AI

The skin under the eyes is the area that is one of the first to reveal our age. This delicate part of the face requires not only careful care but also the right approach to makeup.

Zoe Trigwell, a professional makeup artist and owner of the cosmetics brand, decided to tell Newsweek about it. According to her, it is important to change your approach to eye makeup.

Less is more

Regardless of age, the skin under the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than in other areas of the face. That is why a thick layer of any product applied here will only emphasize any lines on the skin and visually add age.

Avoid using foundation under the eyes and in the outer corners. Limit yourself to using concealer only if you need it. If you have smile lines or creases under your eyes, overuse of the product is likely to emphasize them.

Moisturize first and foremost

To make lines in this area less noticeable, the skin must be well moisturized. So, don't neglect the cream and primer – they will smooth the skin texture. Only then apply concealer or foundation. And apply them as thinly as possible.

If you naturally have dark circles around the eyes, moisturizing is even more important. Don't just use a moisturizer, but a special product for the skin around the eyes. It not only saturates the skin with moisture but also lightens it slightly.

Apply with care

If you have fine lines or wrinkles, especially on mature skin, you need to be very careful when applying makeup. Avoid dry textures – they are very easily trapped in the folds. Try applying your foundation or concealer with a brush and then blending with a damp sponge. And while the product is still wet, set it with a thin layer of loose powder. But apply it with a puff, not a brush, so the powder will lie more evenly.

If you like to do your makeup with your fingers, don't stop yourself from doing it. The warmth of your hands will make the texture of the product softer and more pliable. In this case, liquid concealer, for example, will be even more effective.

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