How to make your lipstick last all day: 8 tips

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Life hacks for long-lasting makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

No look is complete without an accent on the lips. A perfectly matched lipstick will help to emphasize the natural beauty and make the lips plump.

However, there is one drawback: glosses and lipsticks quickly wear off or smudge into small wrinkles. To avoid troubles, you should know a few life hacks that will help your lipstick stay all day.

Try a transparent powder

Makeup artists advise trying an effective method. First, apply the lipstick - matte or glossy, it doesn't matter - and set it with translucent powder using a small fluffy brush. The key word here is set. Don't stroke the brush from side to side, just apply light pressure to set the lipstick.

Use a lip primer

There are not only face primers but also lip primers. A primer is a special cosmetic product that is used to prepare for applying the main makeup. The product helps to even out the tone and relief, protects the skin from wind, cold, and sunlight, fills in wrinkles and minor defects, and ensures that makeup lasts all day. Primers create the perfect base for lipstick, as well as provide moisturizing and filling.

Visual lip plumping

Lip pencils are versatile products. They can smooth out the shape of the lips or draw out the contours, making the lips look fuller and more expressive. Outline your lips with a pencil similar to the color of the lipstick you will use, and then fill in the middle a little with the same lip pencil. The lipstick applied after the pencil will have a waxy texture and will stay on your lips longer.

Multilayer application

Makeup artists advise comparing the stages of lipstick application to the procedure of home nail painting. Any nail technician will tell you that the key to a long-lasting manicure is several thin layers, not one thick one. This method of application is also relevant for lipstick. Swipe it down the center of your lips and use a brush or finger to spread the pigment to cover the entire surface. Then reapply the product.

Long-lasting formula

Choose lipsticks with a long-lasting formula. They provide full coverage in one swipe, dry quickly, and do not fade even when exposed to water and food. Quality lipsticks leave lips smooth and moisturized with antioxidants and essential oils that do not interfere with the staying power.

Homemade lip gloss

Makeup artists suggest making a rich and flavorful lip gloss from the ingredients at hand. You will need petroleum jelly, olive oil, aloe vera gel, and color pigments. Melt a little petroleum jelly in the microwave to create a soft, light base and add a few drops of olive oil and aloe vera gel. Be careful with essential oils as cinnamon, for example, can cause burns. Put the homemade lip gloss in the microwave until it is completely melted and then pour it into an empty container.

Less powder

Before applying the powder, blot off excess pigment with a napkin. This will remove the surface color, which usually wears off first. As a final step, apply a little powder directly through the napkin with a fluffy brush. Applying powder through a napkin will help avoid the effect of overly powdered lips.

Exfoliate your lips

Just like foundation applies better and lasts longer on exfoliated, smooth skin, lipstick will work best after exfoliating your lips. Buy a high-quality lip scrub to periodically clean off dead skin particles.

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