How to make your eyes look "young": makeup secrets for mature skin

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These life hacks will help open your eyes and make them more radiant. Source: Created with the help of AI

As we age, the elasticity of the skin around the eyes is lost and the look becomes tired. However, you can restore its freshness with the help of simple makeup techniques.

Blogger Courtney Spencer shared which life hacks will be most helpful on her TikTok. She shares with her subscribers methods that are very easy to implement and at the same time really effective.

According to Courtney, it becomes more and more important to apply primer under your eyeshadow as you get older. It will help the eyeshadow stick to the skin better and not roll off. Its application should be the first step.

Next, the blogger recommends using matte eyeshadow in a natural shade. They will work in the same way as a contouring product. Apply this product with a fluffy brush over the eyelid crease, keeping your eyes open. This will visually tighten the overhanging part of the eyelid.

Next, she went on to apply darker matte eyeshadow, which she used a short and elastic brush. With this product, Courtney drew and blended a line above the crease of the eyelid and shaded the outer corner of the movable part. In this way, she visually lifted the eye.

The blogger also used the same dark shadow to bring the lower eyelid along the lash line. This helps to create a soft, translucent powder line that makes the eyes look more open and radiant, unlike a thick liquid liner that only makes the eyes look more tired with age.

To add freshness to the look, Courtney took a thin, short-bristled brush and used it to apply concealer on the water line of the lower eyelid. And she finished her eye makeup by applying a drop of light shimmer shadow to the inner corner.

Finally, the blogger advised not to skip the eyebrow emphasis stage. Take a shadow of a suitable shade and fill in the eyebrow with it, which will make it look thicker.

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