How to make up with red lipstick for a wedding: life hacks

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A wedding is one of the happiest events in life, and every bride wants to look flawless. It's important to create the right accents, so a deep red lipstick shade will come in handy.

Lancôme makeup artist Antonia Bazil emphasized that red pigment is a serious risk at a wedding. Lipstick can get smeared, for example, from kissing or during a festive banquet, and constantly running to the mirror to touch up your makeup is a bit of a pain. Experts told us how to make a long-lasting makeup with red lipstick.

Tip 1

There is a reason why brides traditionally choose soft - nude or pink - lipstick shades. Such pigments require less maintenance, which means less risk and stress. So, if you are torn between comfort and brightness, choose a compromise: apply red lipstick during the photo shoot and the official part, and at the banquet, paint your lips with a nude gloss.

Tip 2

Red lipstick includes a whole range of shades: from bright, poppy, orange-red to deep marsala color, bordering on burgundy. If you know your shade, great - you'll definitely be confident in your look. But if not, makeup artists advise you to try experimenting with a darker version first.

How to make up with red lipstick for a wedding: life hacks

"A darker red is an elegant, classic and sophisticated choice. Besides, at a party, darker shades will look more modern and appropriate, while brightening up the complexion," emphasized Bazil.

Tip 3

Prepare for the holiday in advance. Test several shades of lipstick. Check whether the texture is preserved during meals, whether it spreads when in contact with water, how it reacts to the camera (a perfect red lipstick in the mirror may look unfavorable in the lens). Never agree to something you don't feel comfortable with. This will affect your confidence and cause unnecessary anxiety.

Tip 4

Once you've decided on your shade, practice applying it. Follow a four-step approach: apply a suitable liner to your entire lips (not just the lip line), apply lipstick (preferably with a long-lasting formula) with a lip brush. Next, use the concealer brush to define the edge of the lips. Finally, spray your lips with a setting spray.

Tip 5

Don't apply lipstick to the inside of your lips, as this is where you get red staining on your teeth. Gently blot your lips with a napkin after every meal or drink.

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