How to make the perfect wedding makeup: tips and tricks

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Regardless of the format and scale of the wedding, every bride knows that the makeup she wears on this day is extremely important. It will be captured on all wedding photos and will definitely become a part of your memories.

But choosing a style and color palette, and even a makeup artist who won't spoil the look, can be difficult. OBOZ.UA asked experts who know how to properly prepare for wedding makeup without spending too much time and nerves.

How to choose a makeup artist

As a rule, bridal makeup is usually entrusted to a professional - few brides do it on their own. So take a responsible approach to finding a makeup artist. First, carefully study her or his social media, where their finished works are presented. Give preference not to photos (they can be easily retouched), but to videos that show all the nuances of makeup.

Be sure to meet the chosen makeup artist in person. The person should be energetically compatible with you. If, for example, you like to prepare for important moments in silence, and a talkative person is going to do your makeup, it can ruin your mood in the morning.

And be sure to read reviews about the makeup artist. A really good specialist will be noticeable by these reviews. As well as a really bad one.

How to prepare your face

No makeup artist can give you the perfect makeup look if you don't do everything you can to prepare your face for the big day. A good rule of thumb is to start preparing 6-12 months before the big day. Choose a skincare routine that will make your skin glow. If you do this a few weeks or days before the event, you may experience an allergic or other undesirable reaction that will be difficult to hide even under a thick layer of concealer.

In addition to the actual care, follow these tips:

  • Drink enough water to keep your skin moisturized from the inside out;
  • Eat more vegetables and greens - healthy digestion is reflected in the condition of your skin;
  • be sure to wash off all cosmetics in the evening and don't forget about regular care;
  • get enough sleep.

What to do on the eve of your wedding day

A few days before the trial makeup, shape your eyebrows to the desired shape. And then update it on the eve of the wedding. Eyebrows are called almost the main accent in the image, on which a lot depends. Therefore, they should be well-groomed.

Be sure to do a test makeup application. This is the only way you can find out what suits you, what you like, and how comfortable you will be. You will also have time to make any corrections.

Try to make an appointment for a trial makeup, trial hairstyle, and wedding dress fitting on the same day. This way you can fully appreciate how you will look on your wedding day.

What not to do

Do not put off trial makeup until the last minute. Make an appointment with a makeup artist as early as possible to make sure you have a place in their schedule.

Don't skimp on your wedding makeup. This is an event that you will remember for the rest of your life, so your look should be flawless. This may require more time to prepare. You may also need more expensive and high-quality products. All of this, of course, will affect the final price tag.

Don't experiment with colors and makeup style. Classic elegant makeup in natural colors will go well with any bridal look. Besides, it will never go out of style. And after many years, your wedding photos will still look stylish.

Do not agree to colors and techniques that make you uncomfortable. No matter how much your friends or makeup artist convince you that red lipstick looks great on you, you won't feel the joy of the wedding if you're always thinking about whether it's smeared. Such anxiety will naturally be reflected in the photos and videos of the wedding reception. So put your comfort first.

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