How to make the perfect foundation on your face: an unusual object will help

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It turns out that a spatula is not only suitable for artwork, but also for applying makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

The quality of the entire makeup depends on the quality of the foundation. And foundation tools are constantly improving.

But they usually evolve towards something softer, something that can blend the product well. And then life hacks for applying foundation with a hard and straight metal spatula began to appear on TikTok. OBOZ.UA asked how it can be used to create makeup.

Such small spatulas are used for various kinds of artistic works. For example, applying textured strokes to paintings or creating sculptures. Nowadays, under the influence of the social media trend, tools specifically for makeup have begun to appear.

To use a spatula, you need to apply an even layer of foundation along its entire length, then apply the tool to the skin, and stretch the product across the face in a smooth motion. The bloggers note how even the coverage is. If you practice well, you won't even have to blend the foundation with a brush or beauty blender.

However, bloggers note that the trick may not work the first time, even if you buy a special makeup spatula – it has a slight curve to better fit your face. So you'll have to practice a little.

You need to apply the tool at a slight angle to distribute the cream evenly. If you touch the skin with the spatula at a 90-degree angle, the product will not be distributed properly – the edges will remain visible and the applied line will be uneven. It is also important to learn how to apply just the right amount of cream to the spatula so that it stretches well and lays down in a thin layer.

One of the main advantages of applying foundation with a spatula is its hygiene. Unlike brushes and sponges, this tool can be easily washed after each use and thoroughly disinfected.

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