How to make radiant makeup: tips for all skin types

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The era of clear contouring is a thing of the past. The trend is for the most natural makeup, 90s style, and glowing, healthy skin. So, don't overload your face with thick, multi-layered application of foundations, concealers, and bronzers.

Experts told us how to create the effect of radiant and silky skin. Highlighter can add a shimmering glow to the face, but first of all, you need to determine your skin type, its characteristics and needs.

Makeup artist Jonathan Thorpe emphasized that it is important to understand whether your skin is dry or oily and choose products depending on this.

For dry skin, it is better to use mild products and remember to moisturize beforehand.

"If you have drier skin, you can use products based on oil and silicones. You can even mix several creams to create a long-lasting protective base," Thorpe said.

However, if you have oily skin, you should avoid oil-based formulas and instead opt for powders, even though they are not very trendy right now. If used correctly, foundations will not create a sticky or greasy effect.

For oily skin, you should choose a gloss that reflects light more than one that has a light moisturizing effect.

"I would avoid using super moisturizing, shiny products. It's better to buy reflective powders or highlighter that will create a glowing effect by reflecting light," Thorpe summarized.

You should also use products that gently cleanse and tone the skin. It is better to choose those that contain hyaluronic acid and squalene, as these components help in the moisturizing process

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