How to make perfectly curved eyebrows: life hacks for makeup

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Properly shaped eyebrows allow you to sometimes do without makeup at all. Source: Created with the help of AI

Professional makeup artists have a rule: if you shape your eyebrows well, you don't need to wear makeup on some days. A properly shaped eyebrow "creates" the whole face, provides expressiveness to its features, and makes the image complete and even noticeably younger.

But how do you determine which eyebrow shape is right for you? OBOZ.UA asked for the opinions of makeup experts and professional eyebrow artists. There are clearly defined rules that will help you achieve the desired effect at home.

The right eyebrow shape

The eyebrow is usually shaped like an arch. It begins to rise upward just above the inner corner of the eye, then smoothly curves along the brow bone, reaching a peak in the area of the attachment of the wrinkled muscle. And then the arch gradually descends towards the outer corner of the eye.

It is important to pluck the hairs with a calm expression to correct the natural shape of the eyebrow according to these rules. Most of the time, it retains this look, so the arch should be in harmony with it, and not, for example, with a smile. And don't try to change the shape of the eyebrow dramatically. Usually, the natural shape is optimal for us. All we need is a small correction.

Five steps to perfect eyebrows

You can create your right, ideal eyebrow shape in five simple steps. We'll tell you what they are and what you need attention to.

How to make perfectly curved eyebrows: life hacks for makeup

Step 1: Determine your highest point

Start by combing your eyebrows up and out, then move on to find the highest point. To do this, look forward and lift your eyebrows. This will allow you to find the attachment point of the firming muscle. This is the ideal eyebrow peak for you. Use a pencil to make a dot at this point.

Step 2. Mark the beginning of the eyebrow

Take a pencil, makeup brush, or any other straight object and hold it up to your face so that it touches the wing of your nose and passes through the inner corner of your eye. Where this object crosses the eyebrow is your ideal start. All hairs outside this area can be removed.

Step 3: Find your perfect endpoint

Holding the pencil near your nose, move it so that it passes through the outer corner of your eye this time. At the intersection with the eyebrow, it will give you the perfect endpoint for the eyebrow. If your eyebrow is short, mentally draw its extension, following the natural curve line. The gap between the natural tail and the resulting point must be filled with makeup.

Step 4: Carefully draw the outline

Look at the upper and lower lines of your natural eyebrow. They should run almost parallel, rising to the top and descending to the tail. Draw them with a pencil. You have your perfect shape. The hairs inside may grow unevenly, so this space will need to be filled in. Avoid sharp lines. All strokes should be natural and soft.

Step 5: Draw eyebrows

Filling in the eyebrows correctly is the last step. Take a sharp pencil and draw in the missing hairs. Make the strokes neat, not too bold and long. Finally, fill in the eyebrow with eye shadow or lipstick in a natural shade or a little darker, and fix the hairs with gel so that the eyebrow keeps its shape all day.

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