How to make makeup that won't melt in the summer heat: the most important tips

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In the summer, when you're on vacation, walking on warm evenings, etc., you want to look flawless as never before. However, heat and high humidity can have a bad effect on makeup and ruin your look.

Mascara can leave marks, foundation can run, and eyeshadow can get caught in wrinkles and creases. That's why The Everygirl has shared tips that will help you stay beautiful in any conditions.


Do not neglect the primer, because it can keep your makeup in place throughout the day. Experts advise choosing a product in the form of a gel or balm instead of moisturizing textures to keep it in place even in conditions of excessive sweating.

How to make makeup that won't melt in the summer heat: the most important tips

Waterproof foundation

In the heat, a waterproof foundation is the best solution. Usually women are afraid to use it because they think it will make their skin too dry, but in summer, this is not a problem.

Look for long-wearing foundations that provide medium coverage and have a natural satin finish. Apply them with a damp makeup sponge to get the best results.

Lightweight foundation

Most waterproof foundations have a fairly dense coverage, so if you want a more natural look, you'd better go for a tinted moisturizer. It will be almost invisible on the skin, but will hide all minor imperfections.


Powder is a great tool that helps to further fix cosmetics on the face. The main thing is to use it only after you have applied all your cream and liquid products. Experts also recommend that you powder only those areas that are prone to oiliness.

Waterproof mascara

By using waterproof mascara, you won't have to worry about it floating away and leaving marks on your eyelids or under your eyes.

How to make makeup that won't melt in the summer heat: the most important tips

Cream eyeshadow

Creamy or liquid eyeshadows adhere to the eyelids much better and blend more easily than dry powder eyeshadows. Therefore, in hot and humid conditions, they will stay put, won't crease into skin folds, and will look great.


Lipstick tends to dry out your lips, so you may feel uncomfortable in the heat. Therefore, you may not completely paint over them, but simply apply a small amount of the product to the center of your lips with your finger to create a gradient. This way, your lip makeup will look delicate and natural and won't feel heavy on your skin.

Setting spray

You can't talk about long-lasting makeup without a setting spray. If you know that your cosmetics will have to withstand a whole hot day, then don't forget to use it.

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