How to make long-lasting makeup if your eyes are constantly watering: tips

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Owners of sensitive eyes often have to deny themselves bright makeup. However, in the absence of medical contraindications to the use of cosmetics, you can try to make long-lasting makeup with a few effective tips.

Allergens, corneal infections, improper blinking, contact lenses, and certain medications can cause tearing. Experts tell us how to make long-lasting makeup if your eyes are constantly watery.

Tip 1

Unfortunately, if your eyes constantly feel dry or irritated, the situation will only get worse as you apply makeup. To minimize any possible damage or tearing, use eye drops before applying makeup to reduce discomfort and wash away any potential irritants. Wait a few minutes for the drops to work.

Tip 2

Professional makeup artist Natalie Drescher emphasizes that proper preparation is crucial to minimize the damage caused by tearing. Tears are salty, which means they can dry out the area under the eyes. The first step is to apply a moisturizer under the eyes or a waterproof, hypoallergenic foundation.

Tip 3

If you experience watery eyes throughout the makeup application process, Drescher recommends using a cotton swab to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly as close to your eyes as possible. This will create a physical buffer that will prevent tears from dripping down your face and ruining your makeup.

Tip 4

Choose hypoallergenic makeup options. Watery eyes can be the result of an allergic reaction to a particular dye or fragrance.

Tip 5

While lower eyeliner is a great way to add depth and intensity to your makeup, unfortunately, it often leads to eye irritation. The waterline is where the sebaceous glands are located. Applying makeup to this area can clog these glands, make your eyes dry, and ultimately lead to tearing. Do not apply cosmetics along the lower lash line.

Tip 6

Salty tears dry out the under-eye area, and powder and other powder products make the situation even worse. If you need to use false eyelashes, buy latex-free glue. Latex can irritate the skin around the eyes.

Tip 7

Always wash off makeup at night. The best way to minimize makeup damage from tearing is to minimize the chance of tearing in the first place. That's why it's important to completely remove all makeup from the eye area at night - by cleaning the base of your lashes and eyelids every night, you can prevent clogged glands, dryness, and irritation.

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