How to make lips look fuller: makeup tips for 40+

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The right lip makeup will restore plumpness. Source: Created with the help of AI

Over time, lips lose their fullness, and this is one of the most noticeable age-related facial changes. But you can restore their volume with the right makeup approach.

Makeup experts say that there are not one, but five techniques that can be combined to produce a stunning effect. OBOZ.UA tells you more about them.

Emphasize your lips with a highlighter and foundation

To highlight your lips, use a concealer brush. Use it to cover the area with your foundation and highlighter. Use the flat side of the brush to ensure that it adheres to the skin. This will help to blend the product better and make it look even and neat.

Blend foundation away from the lips

The correct direction to blend foundation is away from the mouth. This will help to soften the texture of the product, but at the same time clearly highlight the lips and create the impression of illumination in this area. In addition to the lip-plumping effect, this application will make wrinkles less visible.

Apply a translucent powder to the lips

Once you've created the right background for your lips with your foundation, go for the puff and translucent powder. Lightly pat the product on closed lips. This will help create a more defined contour. It will also allow the lipstick to adhere better to the skin.

Use a pencil to shape your lips

To create the perfect lip shape, you can go a little beyond the natural line – just a fraction of a millimeter. But with age, you need to do this with a pencil. Draw the correct contour with this product and you will not only get the desired volume, but also prevent lipstick or gloss from spreading.

Give preference to nude shades

For everyday makeup, it is better to use flesh-colored lipstick and avoid too dark or cold colors. They will make your lips visually thinner and negate all previous efforts to create the right makeup. Therefore, strive for naturalness. And don't forget to apply a moisturizing balm to your lips before adding color.

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