How to make even the cheapest lipstick last long: a life hack

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Even your usual lipstick will surprise you if you apply it this way. Source: Freepik

Lipstick is the makeup product that is exposed to the most external influences and therefore wears off the fastest. Throughout the day, we talk, eat, kiss other people, and so on, so we need longevity from our lipstick. But how do you achieve it?

A Reddit user named Ellikilla has described her way of making even a fairly cheap lipstick really long-lasting. Including the product in a stick - this is the type that wears off the fastest.

The secret lies in the method of applying lipstick, which creates a "kissed lips" effect. In this case, the product is applied in a layer that immediately looks slightly worn. Surprisingly, this makes the lipstick last much longer.

To achieve this effect, the product should be applied not just from a stick or even with a brush. The kissed lip effect lipstick is applied with your finger.

Rub the stick of the color you want with your index finger to get a little product on its pad. And then start applying the lipstick to your lips, starting from the center to the edges. If you want to create visually plumper lips, go a little beyond their natural edge. Finally, use your little finger to remove excess lipstick from the contour. You can also trace the lips with a pencil of a suitable color to create a clearer contour and prevent makeup from smudging.

The user also shared two additional life hacks for using lipstick:

  • the harder you press your finger to your lips, the longer the lipstick will last;
  • the rest of the product can be applied to the cheekbones and nose with the same finger, replacing blush.

This method of application creates a more natural look. And the lipstick itself stays on better, even if you eat and drink with painted lips. According to Ellikilla, the life hack works even with cheap lipsticks that are not famous for their durability.

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